CES 2023: Cooler Master Celebrates With Tech For Creatives

CES 2023: Cooler Master Celebrates With Tech For Creatives 1

With CES 2023 kicking off tomorrow, Cooler Master revealed what they will be adding to their peripheral roster in the new year.

CES 2023 week continues to bring more, and Cooler Master was one of the highlighted technological leaders revealing what they have coming in 2023. The innovative gaming peripheral and computer component company will be showing off their new lineup of peripherals at CES 2023—which has been said to be targeting “new audiences” and “new applications.”

Cooler Master noted how they wanted to cater their more products for different audiences such as keyboard enthusiasts, hobby collectors and streamers/content creators. With the rise of content creators and streamers, Cooler Master has made a statement that they want to tailor great products for the next generation of creators.

The Cooler Master Peripherals Manager Dennis Liu stated, “Cooler Master has always been at the forefront of gaming gear and peripherals, always listening to users for their feedback on future products. This year, we found a subset of our audience whose needs weren’t 100% being met—so for 2023, we’re hoping to fill that gap in a big way.”

Ces 2023: Cooler Master Celebrates With Tech For Creatives 2

Beginning with the newest direction for Cooler Master, two new products were tailored for the streamers and content creators: the Stream Lucid, Stream Lux and Stream Origins. The Stream Lucid is a USB-C mic that offers clear, high-quality audio for any recordings or livestreams. The built-in filter reduces popping and static, and the USB-C connectivity allows for easy, universality across all PCs, Macs, and consoles.

The Stream Origins is that awesome capture card to clip those sick 1v5 clutch situations in Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege. With its simple USB connection to a PC or Mac, it is made for quick plug-and-play capture capabilities. It is also made for next-gen consoles and can record up to 4K 60fps HDR video quality. The Stream Lux is a customizable LED light ideal for streamers and content creators who need to nail that perfect lighting while recording.

For the keyboard enthusiast, Cooler Master’s brand-new MK770 will make its debut at CES 2023 this year. It will be a hybrid wireless mechanical keyboard, and the company highlighted how the MK770 would be the first gasket-mounted keyboard they have created. This means it will have a smooth, crisp sound with a versatile typing feel.

Ces 2023: Cooler Master Celebrates With Tech For Creatives 3

Hobbyists will get a second chance to cop the Sakura Edition of the CK721 mechanical keyboard, the MM712 lightweight mouse and the MP511 XL mousepad—with its blushing pink theme. Audiophiles can relish in two new headsets: the SH711 and the MH731. The SH711 was designed for the best music listening experience while the MH731 was created with livestreaming and having in-game chats in mind—but versatile enough to enjoy movies or shows on Netflix or Disney+.

Cooler Master is also celebrating its 30th anniversary CES 2023. To commemorate the special occasion, Cooler Master designed a special colour theme for the MK721, the MM721 lightweight gaming mouse and MP511 premium mousepad.

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