Get All the New Shiny Temtems, Out For PC and Consoles Now

Collect All the Temtem Creatures Today, For PC and Consoles 1

From Humble Games and Crema, Temtem is a multiplayer creature-collection game that just dropped today, featuring everything in Early Access and more.

As kids go back to school, a whole new world awaits players! Humble Games and Crema have been working hard over the last two years to finally launch Temtem today. The game has grown close to players’ hearts as it is an MMO creature-collection game—with many cute and interestingly drawn creatures. Players will have everything from the Early Access available with some new features and reworked core gameplay with better player experience in mind.

Players will get to experience all the taming action in Story Campaigns and the open world of Airborne Archipelago online—with opportunities to do Co-Op Adventures. In the main story, aspiring Temtem tamers will travel across the six different terrains and islands as the evil Clan Belsoto tries to thwart the players’ plans. However, players are not alone!

Temtem features an exciting, expansive world where Tamers can see each other in real-time and fight alongside one another. Gather all your friends because you can work together on missions in dual battles. Players will be able to complete a Route, face off against Temtem Leaders and catch new Temtem together.

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If you are someone who loves decorating and everything aesthetics (like in Animal Crossing), then the world of Temtem is perfect for you. Players can buy their own house at Atoll Row, and buy new furniture and more. You can even invite your friends to visit. Customization is a big factor as players can swap out their best battle gear or most ridiculous-looking gear—the options are abundant.

Of course, if you have been playing Temtem in Early Access, you will know all about the Competitive mode as well. However, Humble Games and Crema are bringing some all-new content beginning with the launch of Season 1. Each season will be represented every three months when Tamers are able to experience the season with a special theme.

There will also be a “Battle Pass” of sorts which will give Tamers the chance to complete weekly quests to level up their Tamer pass and obtain free and premium rewards—similar to Fortnite but without the shooting. There will also be a Premium Store where players can buy new exclusive cosmetic items that rotate with each season.

Collect All The New Temtems Today, For Pc And Consoles 2

As a gameplay bonus, Temtem Tamers who have completed the main campaign will have access to epilogue quests on Tamer’s Paradise. Here, players can indulge the new island by participating in various endgame tasks and activities. There will be so much to do from catching new Temtem on Omninesia’s islands, battling on the sands of Deniz or trading with friends on the ash-covered fields of Tucma.

Temtem is officially out today on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (via the Humble Store and Steam) for $49.00.

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