Destiny 2 Community Manager On Tackling PvP and Harassment Problems

Destiny 2 Community Manager On Tackling PvP and Harassment Problems

A Destiny 2 community manager addressed the issues with developers being harassed from the community on the lack of PvP changes rolling out faster.

Destiny 2 is currently going strong with Season 17: Season of the Haunted having less than a month left to be played. While the story notes have been well-received by the community, the community has been sending and posting critical comments on the state of the play for the PvP aspects. In recent light of the situation, some of Bungie’s game developers have been getting death threats and being harassed for answers to possible fixes.

Various community members have brought to attention the grind behind craftable weapons and how the PvP meta was in a truncated mess. All the complaints stem from Destiny 2’s balance changes with different seasons having different weapon archetypes, Exotics, and subclasses—which has been proven to some players being unfairly stronger than others.

Destiny 2 Crucible players mentioned the issues for items such as Lord of Wolves or the damage reduction coming from Omnioculus—causing some players to press developers for answers to these issues. The most recent escalation of problems between the devs and the community was with the latest “This Week At Bungie (TWAB)” post did not offer any solutions for the PvP changes needed, just a small preview of the Solstice event patching incoming.

Multiple sources saw Destiny 2 Community Manager, Dylan “dmg04” Gafner tried to address the current dilemma for both the current issues with PvP on Twitter and provided prospective from the developers’ side of things. Gafner expressed that they hope there could be “a day where videogame developers (from any studio) can openly discuss their work without being harassed.”

A few weeks ago, a Destiny 2 sandbox lead was known for providing a lot of updates on Twitter for the game, Kevin Yanes stepped into hot waters with the community. Yanes confirmed that Twilight Garrison, a Destiny 1 exotic, would never return with its Titan air dash. Numerous players were outraged and expressed their anger to Yanes, forcing Yanes to leave Twitter.

This has been a growing issue in the gaming industry, along with stories of female developers who were harassed at Sony Santa Monica being harassed to share the release date of God of War Ragnarok. The studio issued a “don’t harass our employees” statement following the incidents.

Destiny 2 Community Manager On Tackling Pvp And Harassment Problems 2

Communication with the community has been very important from Bungie’s end with the ongoing flak of aggressive comments. The devs will continue to provide updates through TWABs and partially through social media, but they hope the community could be a little more respectful to the company and creators behind the game.

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