Bioware’s Dragon Age 4 Is ‘On Schedule’ In Exciting Report

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Although the report is unofficial, Dragon Age 4 was briefly mentioned in a recent Giant Bomb video by Jeff Grubb, and the report sounds promising.

Since the release of Dragon Age: Origins back in 2009, there has been a huge following for the series and its fantasy setting, so much so that it spawned two sequels in Dragon Age II and Dragon Age Inquisition. Although Inquisition was met with a mostly positive reception, the direct sequel only referred to as Dragon Age 4 was announced way back in the Game Awards 2018, and saw a brief teaser finally released on the Game Awards 2020 show.

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A new unofficial report came out today in a premium Jeff Grubb-hosted Grubbsnax video from Giant Bomb, that suggests the anticipated sequel is in good hands. Jeff Grubb said “Overall, when they look at where they’re supposed to be at [in the development cycle], they are hitting their milestones and where they’re supposed to be, and the game is on schedule,” regarding the title, with the speculation “It is still at least 18 months out from today, so not early 2023, maybe late 2023, maybe. That seems to be the earliest you can begin to expect it.”

Bioware’s latest release, the multiplayer-based Anthem, was met with a scathing response by fans and ultimately shuttered development rework plans to get all hands on deck for the new entry into Thedas. Based on the sources that Jeff Grubb has, the title is in “very good shape,” and can possibly see a 2023 release window, although the original forecast was set for 2022. Plans to incorporate multiplayer aspects in this title have also been reportedly scrapped from its development to focus on the single-player campaign, which is a breath of fresh air for fans.

While the release is still slated for what feels like an eternity away, fans can get hyped considering the development appears to be moving along smoothly. Fans thirsting for more news regarding the next chapter in the Dragon Age series can follow their official Twitter account for updates.

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