Forever Skies Releases Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Forever Skies Releases First Gameplay Teaser 1

Forever Skies has released a teaser trailer that gives players a first look at the game which is set to release on PC via early access sometime in 2022.

Forever Skies was originally announced under the codename, ‘Project Oxygen‘ and has been in development for the past two years. Forever Skies is a single-player experience that is in development for PC and next-gen consoles, no solid release date on the game’s full version has been revealed.

The game itself is described as a first-person action survival sci-fi game that takes place on destroyed and deserted Earth in the wake of a ‘massive ecological disaster’. Players will be put into the shoes of a lone scientist who returns to explore the planet after a ‘global ecological catastrophe’ hit Earth leaving it uninhabitable thanks to the toxic clouds above. Forever Skies gives a possible glimpse at the direction our planet could be headed.

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“Build, expand and control a high-tech airship that will act as your transport, shelter, laboratory and workshop for researching mysterious substances and crafting tools for survival,” Forever Skies‘ description details.

“Scavenge, find ways of obtaining food and resources, and explore the ruins above and below the thick, toxic dust layer which now shrouds the Earth’s surface.”

The gameplay includes exploring your airship and the remnants of the planet plus rafting, base building, planting and combat. The goal of the game for the player is to research and find a cure to help those few, who survived Earth’s disaster in orbit. 

Forever Skies Releases First Gameplay Teaser
Source: Far From Home

The game is being developed by game studio Far Frome Home, an independent studio made up of AA and AAA developers that was founded in 2020. Experienced developers at the studio have worked on titles like Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite and the Divinity Original Sin Series.

“We were truly overwhelmed and humbled by the initial reception of our project. I hope that the teaser trailer with the first gameplay running on the power of Unreal Engine will give a nice glimpse into our wrecked world and a clear idea of the direction we’re heading,” Far From Home CEO and Gameplay Lead, Andrzej Blumenfeld said in a press release.

Forever Skies is set to release first on PC via early access in 2022. Far From Home says a console version is planned and will launch later, which will include all updates and content on PC, including a co-op mode. PC players can wishlist Forever Skies on Steam to keep track of key updates coming to the game.

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