GTA 6 Might Be Too Big According To Fans & Leak

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The torrential leak from last month regarding GTA 6 has since been confirmed by Rockstar Games, but a new concern over the map’s size has fans worried.

The mega leak that took the internet by storm last month is still making the rounds on the internet, with fans carefully piecing together the size and scope of the in-game map with a secret cooperative effort known as the ‘GTA 6 mapping project,’ reported by KotakuAU last month. The confirmation by Rockstar that the leaks were indeed real set the internet in motion for this new project that has since seen completion, and some fans are worried. Twitter user @ChurchofGTA showed the potential concept finished, with a blueprint of the map.

The project’s focal point was fan interaction and the usage of Google Earth to pinpoint locations. But fans have a whole new reason for worry regarding the map, and it’s too big. The same image above posted in a Reddit thread inspired some of the internet’s finest to comment on the scope of the newest GTA 6 title, with, of course, usual trolling comments sprinkled in lightly.

One user, @thebuccaneersden, suggested, “It could be so long as it isn’t like GTA V where there is one main city and vast countryside with little to do and mostly ornamentation – especially once the main story is finished. Don’t get me wrong. It was still impressive for its time, but it’s one thing I’d like to see improved,” with a major concern being placed on the ’empty space’ that encompasses some of GTA V‘s countryside.

Gta 6 Might Be Too Big According To Fans &Amp; Leak
GTA V ‘Empty Space’

While others echoed the sentiment, with another user commenting, “Yeah spend 30 min just getting to the mission,” and “I pray to rockstar that the cars have some decently realistic speed behind them, so drives don’t take half an hour…” suggesting it takes too long to just play missions sometimes due to travel time.

So far, GTA 6 remains an enigma outside of the huge leak, and other fan accounts, such as @NestorSite asking the internet when they think more announcements will come. Of course, the GTA 6 fandom is at Rockstar’s mercy, as they will release information when it is ready. Rockstar gonna Rockstar.

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