I See Red from Gameforge and Whiteboard Games Releases Today

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The new shooter from Whiteboard Games, I See Red brings robots, humans, and aliens to Steam and Epic Games today!

I See Red features black and grey designs all around with its accent colour being, you guessed it, red. During the game, you can go around shooting your enemies, putting aliens, humans, and robots in their place. If you happen to fall in game you don’t have to fret as the game will send out a clone to finish what you started.

I See Red released just yesterday, October 24, 2022, and it’s currently on sale for 20% off on Steam, making it $10.79. This game is definitely something you shouldn’t pass up when looking for new games to play. 

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“The year is 2621. You are an outlaw travelling the infinite depths of space, searching for those who have wronged you to dish out the ultimate punishment. With a unique dichromatic aesthetic, your view of the world is consumed by wrath as the targets of your retribution appear in a deathly red, while the rest of the world around you fades to grey.”

If you don’t have a PC or simply prefer other platforms, the game has plans to hit consoles in the near future. The release trailer for the game gives a promising look at the gameplay you can expect to experience. Included on the Steam page is another pack titled I Hear Red that includes the soundtrack of I See Red available for 27% off, making it just $14.01!

I See Red Key Features:

  • Variety of Opponents: Humans, Aliens or Robots — they all have their own ways of trying to put an early end to your vengeance! In order to prevail, you must adapt your tactics to numerous different types of opponents.
  • Action-Packed Gunfights: Enjoy fast-paced gunfights, destructible cover, and a variety of weapons that will help you sow death and destruction. Put your lightning-fast reflexes to the test when opponents suddenly teleport behind you.
  • Let Your Rage Run Wild!: Sparks are flying in close combat too! Use your grappling hook to quickly pull yourself towards opponents and deliver the final, bloody blow. Unleash your rage once you have collected enough energy and regenerate health with each kill.
  • Combos Do the Trick!: Throughout the game, you receive a number of randomly generated passive skills, turning each run into a unique experience.
  • Death Is Not the End: Thanks to cloning technology, you can always give it another try should your opponents ever get the better of you. Collected materials are used to strengthen your character’s attributes.
  • Dystopian Sci-Fi World: The unique art style draws you into a dark sci-fi world with a vengeful anti-hero who, quite literally, sees red. This innovative design choice allows you to see everything important at a glance. The dynamic music system always provides you with the right soundtrack!
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I See Red started when five students came together back in March 2020. It’s been a crazy journey that resulted in the birth of a new team: Whiteboard Games, We are extremely proud of what we accomplished. We hope all that hard work pays off and players can feel the love we poured into I See Red’s gameplay, aesthetic, and music.” said Director of I See Red, Luciano Musella.

Grab the title on Steam or Epic Games today!

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