McDonald’s HOT McCrispy Gaming Chair Is Available Via Facebook Competition

mcdonalds hot mccrispy gaming chair is available via facebook competition 799743

Featured as an ad for the new McCrispy chicken burger on the menu at McDonald’s, only one of these gaming chairs will be available for public consumption.

Posted to the official McDonald’s UK page, this chair is very much real, and will only be available for one lucky competition entrant to procure. The golden arches are prominently featured on the headrest, with ‘McCrispy’ emblazoned down the backrest, to ensure well-doneness of the chair master.

Mcdonalds Hot Mccrispy Gaming Chair Is Available Via Facebook Competition 932979

The chair does come with some cool McDonald’s features, like a ‘burger heat zone’ to ensure McDonald’s always stays warm, and it even thought about a french fry holder complete with dipping sauce receptacle. This is a throne worthy of the House of the Dragon.

McDonald’s UK Facebook shows the way to enter the competition, while their official website lists the terms and conditions. Unfortunately the McCrispy chair is exclusive to the UK audience, as the post has only appeared there, and may be their way to stifle the backlash the restaurant has faced for axing its popular ‘Chicken Legend’ from the menu. Fans mourning the loss of the fourth legendary bird have flocked to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the death of the legend, and birth of the McCrispy. This is not to be confused by the recent Philadelphia ‘chicken legend’ who ate 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days.

The terms and conditions list a condition that might not go over well, an entry for the competition requires the user to have a Facebook account in order to enter which didn’t go over well with users of the Meta Quest 2, although the conditions assure it is “no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.” Another privacy concern is mentioned in the T&C “the surname and county of the winner and runners-up will be made available to anyone who requests it by emailing [email protected] within 1 month of the closing date,” allowing anyone to dox the winner if they wanted to for a month.

Mcdonalds Hot Mccrispy Gaming Chair Is Available Via Facebook Competition 675342

UK fans clamouring for a chance to sit upon the golden throne can enter here, and the terms and conditions can be found here.

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