Media Create Sales Reveal PlayStation VR Launch Week Numbers

| Oct 19, 2016
Media Create Sales Reveal PlayStation VR Launch Week Numbers 2

Last week, PlayStation VR officially hit store shelves around the world. Despite its flaws, the VR unit has been hailed for its affordable price and fair selection of launch titles. Last week, Sony hinted that the PlayStation VR was doing quite well. But thanks to Media Create’s official sales figures, the public has a better idea of the number of PS VR units sold in Japan.

According to NeoGAF, PlayStation VR clocked in with just over 50,000 units in Japan. Meanwhile, PlayStation VR Worlds listed at #8 for Oct 10th through 16th sales, beating out such titles as FIFA 17, Grand Theft Auto V and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad provided a little bit more background on PlayStation VR’s performance in Japan, suggesting that the unit saw an “extremely limited launch” across markets. Citing 10,000 units sold in China according to “talks with Sony China + retailers there” from NikoChina, his analysis suggests Sony is planning to gradually introduce the unit into the market, instead of going into full production immediately.

Ahmad’s analysis contrasts with a widely speculated 2.6 million estimate suggested by research firm SuperData. But the data he’s putting forward post-launch makes sense. It seems Sony is interested in testing the market, seeing how early adopters approach the unit before issuing out a significant amount of retail copies. This year, Sony seems more interested in moving the console proper instead, as the PlayStation 4 Slim has already hit store shelves, and the PlayStation 4 Pro is well on its way for a November launch.

While Media Creates’ data is our first look into the PlayStation VR’s sales on the market, we still don’t know for certain how the West is reacting to the release. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we gain a better picture of PS VR’s health and whether it’s worth making the early investment this year.

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