EA And Ubisoft Veterans Form New Game Dev Studio In Sweden—Moon Rover Games

EA And Ubisoft Veterans Form New Game Dev Studio In Sweden—Moon Rover Games 1

Moon Rover Games announced the launch of their new game development studio, consisting of team members from EA and Ubisoft.

As the saying in Star Wars goes, the apprentice has now become the master. A new game development studio called Moon Rover Games has officially announced its launch today. The team consists of EA and Ubisoft veterans who are set to be working on immersive, cooperative action games.

The Moon Rover Games founding team includes Jamie Keen as Creative Director, Julien Wera as CEO, Ben Keen as Technical Director, and Christofer Emgård as Narrative Director—and Huxley the dog aka the studio mascot. Each member has hands-on experience developing some of the biggest game titles such as Far Cry, Battlefield, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Mirror’s Edge, Crusader Kings, and many more.

The most adorable thing about the studio is definitely its little astronaut dog mascot! Currently, the team is hard at work on their original IP co-op action game. “We are passionate about building system-driven games, story generators where unexpected things happen, enabling players to live their own personal stories within a world created for them,” Keen said on the team’s vision of their games’ world-building theology.

Ea And Ubisoft Veterans Form New Game Dev Studio In Sweden—Moon Rover Games 2

The four men noted that new studios with smaller teams can thrive alongside today’s technologies. Keen explained how they will be “using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, but also developing our own tech only where it makes the most impact on the game.”

It only makes sense as Epic GamesUnreal Engine 5 has been one of the most groundbreaking game engines of the modern era, even used in films and TV productions on volumes and LED stages. Despite the sets of The Mandalorian looking great with the mixed use of the LED volume and Unreal Engine 5, it can also make game environments spectacular.

Some games currently or expected to use the Unreal engine include Fortnite, Redfall, and Ark 2. By taking full advantage of these technologies, Moon Rover Games hopes to create AAA-quality games without hundreds of employees. They noted how they hope the medium-sized studio could foster a more creative, collaborative, and inclusive environment. I am excited to see what the team produces, and there better be a Huxley cameo in their games.

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