Award-Winning Developer Quantic Dream Has Been Acquired By NetEase Games 

Quantic Dream Has Been Acquired By NetEase Games 

In a surprise move, it was announced today that NetEase has purchased Quantic Dream, the studio best known for games such as Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain.

For more than two decades, France-based Quantic Dream has excelled in creating immersive storytelling experiences. As its first European studio, it will operate independently and looks to continue to create and publish engaging, award-winning games on all platforms. The merger will also give the studio access to NetEase’s game development talent and capabilities in future projects.

“We are thrilled to embark on an exciting new stage of growth with Quantic Dream, bound by our shared vision, mutual trust and respect,” NetEase CEO and director William Ding outlined in the press release. “NetEase will continue to fulfil our promise to support Quantic Dream to realise its full potential. By combining the wild creativity and exceptional narrative focus of Quantic Dream with NetEase’s powerful facilities, resources and execution capabilities, we believe there are infinite possibilities that could re-define the interactive entertainment experience we provide for players worldwide.”

Quantic Dream Has Been Acquired By Netease Games  1

Quantic Dream co-CEO and head of publishing Guillaume de Fondaumiere outlined that, “NetEase Games first invested in Quantic Dream three years ago. Over this period, we had the opportunity to work closely together and saw first-hand how like-minded and complementary we are. NetEase Games’ acquisition comes as a natural evolution in this process and creates a unique opportunity to boost Quantic Dream’s growth by giving our production and publishing teams all the necessary means to excel.”

Quantic Dream have had a troubled last few years, with rumours of abuse and issues at the studio, so hopefully this move is a new stage for the company. With many major award-winning titles under their belt, and the new Star Wars Eclipse title expected to launch in the coming years, Quantic Dream should be an exciting addition to the NetEase Games roster of studios.

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