Razer Releases New Professional Peripherals Available Now

Razer Releases New Professional Peripherals Available Now 1

The new Pro series brings exciting update to Razer gaming equipment lineup.

Today, Razer announced their three new additions to their keyboard, mouse and mouse mat collection. They are called the Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard, the Pro Click Mini wireless mouse and the Pro Glide XXL mouse mat. The name and vision of their latest gear focuses on delivering products that will help remote workers and office workers be more Pro(ductive) and each product is attuned to fit the workplace.

Senior Vice President of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit, Alvin Cheung, stated about the newest products, “Regardless of where the user is, Razer’s Pro range has workflow-enhancing features for every task and situation, from non-distracting silent click mouse switches through to all-day-comfort soft-touch keycaps, allowing users to work effectively wherever they are.”

It is very interesting to see Razer peripherals without the RGB-lighting, but makes sense for their work purposes. The all-white design allows users to be less distracted by the items’ design and allows users to get what needs to be done with ease. Here’s a breakdown of the hard work that Razer has put into their new catalogue.

Pro Type Ultra ($159.99 USD)

Razer Releases New Professional Peripherals Available Now 2
Razer Pro Type Ultra

The Pro Type Ultra was based on consumer comments and feedback to bring a keyboard perfect for the office space with a quiet, ergonomic layout. The RGB lighting is replaced with a white LED backlight to still provide some light in dark spaces. The keyboard is wireless and contains silent mechanical switches with a coating that makes the keycaps a little softer than other boards. It also comes with a squishy, leatherette wrist rest to prevent wrist strain. The wireless connectivity can run off Bluetooth and through a USB dongle. It boasts over 200 hours of battery life and has its own charging cable, meaning no need to scramble to find AA or AAA batteries.

Pro Click Mini ($79.99 USD)

Razer Releases New Professional Peripherals Available Now 3
Razer Pro Click Mini

The Razer Pro Click Mini is smartly designed, being compact with slight curves to easily fit into the user’s hands. This mouse also uses silent switches to provide the least audible distraction for the user. In terms of functionality for the workspace, Razer created the new HyperScroll wheel that makes scrolling through long-winded documents easy, yet precise with its 4-way-click function—which allows easy horizontal scrolling, less mouse movement overall. The battery life can last from 400 to 700 hours.

Pro Glide XXL ($29.99 USD)

Razer Releases New Professional Peripherals Available Now 4
Razer Pro Glide XXL

To add the cherry on top of these new releases, the Pro Glide XXL is a full desk width mouse mat. The ingenuity is in the material of the mat that has a cushion material and high-density rubber layer that is not only comforting for the user but provides accurate mouse gliding and control.

One of the best features all of these workspace products offer is that the keyboard and mouse can all be connected through one dongle wirelessly with the Razer Productivity Dongle. The prices are also quite affordable for the everyday worker. All the above products are available November 2, 2021.

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