Shadow Details Vision For The Coming Years At First-Ever Shadow Spotlight Keynote

SHADOW Details Vision For The Coming Years AT First-Ever Shadow Spotlight Keynote

Today at the first-ever Shadow Spotlight keynote, cloud-computing specialist SHADOW, detailed its vision for the coming years.

Now a global cloud-computing company chaired by Octave Klaba, the OVHcloud founder, SHADOW is moving forward with a new cloud storage solution. With this re-launch, SHADOW is positioning itself as the definitive cloud platform, for gamers, creatives, and businesses.

It’s doing that by releasing its Shadow’s Power Upgrade, the best of its cloud-computing technology according to the company, available to anyone on any device. SHADOW’s original product launched in 2016 offering the aim of allowing all individuals to enjoy the power of a high-end PC with cloud software. The revamped Shadow subscription features an updated plan. While the starting price remains at $40.45 CAD (29,99 Euros) per month, the brand-new Power Upgrade is available for an additional $20.21 CAD (14,99 Euros.)

This new upgrade will help SHADOW realize its plan to introduce and sustain a more complete and adaptable offering, suited to everyone’s needs while offering new technology at the best price. SHADOW is still striving to keep its promise too; ” to democratize access to a PC with the latest components for as many people as possible, via the cloud, without needing to purchase a physical device.”

As for the configuration of the Power Upgrade, it involves an AMD EPYC 7543P CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, the power of a high-end GPU, ranging from: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070-class, NVIDIA’s equivalent graphic cards tailored for professionals, AMD’s latest RDNA 2 based GPUs, including the AMD Radeon PRO V620 GPU designed for cloud-computing and gaming, as well as 16 GB of RAM. The model of the GPU included in specific Power Upgrade configurations will vary based on local data-center picks. Shadow will feature for the first time, AMD EPYC processors and AMD’s latest RDNA GPUs running innovative cloud streaming software solutions as part of its offerings. Details regarding GPU availability will be made available soon.

Shadow’s Power Upgrade will be available for pre-order this summer, and globally available this fall. There will also be an Early Access period available for selected users ahead of the general available, with details to regarding this period to be unvield soon. You can register here to be notified when pre-orders go live in the coming weeks.

Shadow Details Vision For The Coming Years At First-Ever Shadow Spotlight Keynote

Along with the availability of the Power Upgrade, SHADOW recently released dual and remote screen updates, enhanced colours with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, and the release of Shadow VR in early access, the first ever VR experience entirely powered by the cloud. Today, the cloud software company also unveiled its new look, and the redesign of its overlay interface, offering an even more intuitive and responsive experience, according to Shadow.

Users can also now upgrade to 2 TB, with additional extra-storage options, for the cloud-based computer. “At SHADOW, we believe that cloud technologies have the potential to bring technological freedom to all,” said the CEO at Shadow, Éric Séle.That’s why today, we’re very happy to introduce a new milestone for our Shadow service, with our Power Upgrade.” 

“It is with excitement that we start a great new cooperation with Shadow, supporting them bothwith our CPU and GPU lines in a powerful package. This is an important step in accelerating theirtechnological and geographic development projects,” said the CVP Global Sales at AMD, Olivier Suinat.

There is also a dedicated blog post so if you’re looking for more information you can check that out as well. Shadow can also be found on Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter.

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