Scary Stranger Things Halloween Decoration Allowed To Remain After Controversy

Scary Stranger Things Halloween Decoration Allowed To Remain After Controversy

A Stranger Things-related TikTok became a viral sensation from Halloween super fans, with neighbours less excited by the Max display.

A TikTok posted on September 20 by Dave and Audrey Appel inspired Stranger Things fans’ imagination over the past two weeks with a realistic floating Max from the latest season four and had to be taken down due to the ire of at least one neighbour complaining about increased foot traffic. But, good news arrived in Plainsfield, Illinois, today, as the Halloween-driven family can return their decoration with the blessing of village officials, Local12 reports. The decoration can be seen below.

Good Morning America’s YouTube channel has a response video from the family, where Dave Appel explains the magic behind the display. Coincidentally, the magic seems to rely on viewers not knowing how the display is made.

Dave said, “Until Halloween’s a little more in season, I don’t want kids coming looking for how we’re doing it. I want them to be like, Wow! I want somebody’s parents to show their kid and be like, “look at Max is floating in this person’s front yard.” and that kid be like “Holy cow!” I don’t want the mom to be like ‘this is also how they did it.’ There is magic in front of their face. Adults have no explanation, and that is not something you get much anymore,” regarding the decoration.

Scary 'Stranger Things' Halloween Decoration Allowed To Remain After Controversy

The Stranger Things display does bear a good resemblance to the Appel family’s daughter, Brooke, and neighbours were convinced the hanging display was the daughter instead of the aforementioned ‘pool noodles.’ Which they reassured fans wasn’t the case in the YouTube video.

Thankfully, the creative Stranger Things display has returned to the front yard of the Appel family again in time for Halloween. With the Byer’s House from Stranger Things being listed for sale earlier in the month, Halloween just got stranger.

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