Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks to Try This Halloween

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks to Try This Halloween

One of the greatest joys that anyone from almost any background can partake in the Halloween season: confections However, this list of candies and various snacks has been put together to blend what most love to devour with another love to consume, anime. That doesn’t mean that you must love these anime shows to enjoy the sweet treats, but these curated delicacies offer fans an awesome way to celebrate both with sweets you may not know about. These aren’t your typical Smarties or Popeye Candy Sticks. 

1) Bourbon Demon Slayer Cookies

The Demon Slayer Corps needs to stay alert and well-nourished to vanquish those supernatural beasts. What’s wonderful about these cookies is they offer the best for all types of enthusiasts: sweet, salty and savoury. A plus is that they come with many of the main characters from the series, like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and more. The bonus is they come in small, easy-to-carry packaging if you need to take it to eat while commuting or taking a study/work break.

They come in: Strawberry Cream Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie, Black Cocoa Cookie, Salted Vanilla Cookie, Chocolate Red Bean Cookie and Roasted Corn Cookie.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 4

2) UHA Demon Slayer x Kororo Thunder Energy Drink Gummies

I’m always a fan of gummies, so pardon my bias when I say these are an all-year round snack. I’ve tried many gummies, but this one I find myself ordering a bunch when I can for the iconic pineapple energy drink flavour. For clarification, it doesn’t actually contain any ingredients that energy drinks have—kids can enjoy them without any risks except cavities from excess. The favourite, timid Demon Slayer, Zenitsu, the fastest of the protagonists, flashes to battle as he’s the perfect mascot for this gummy. 

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 3

3) Tohato Pokémon Edition Chocolate Corn Puffs

Here’s a sweet, crunchy alternative to regular cheese corn puffs. It also has a cute Pikachu from Pokémon on it! I started munching on these as a substitute for popcorn when watching movies at home, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s practically like Nutella-flavoured chips that harmonize between sweet and savoury. The box is not too big, so I would buy a couple or a dozen—let me know when you get addicted.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 2

4) Puccho Jujutsu Kaisen Chewy Candy – Grape Soda

Imagine a world where Curses couldn’t be slain without first consuming a Starburst candy. That’s what this collaboration brings with the characters from Jujutsu Kaisen and Puccho’s chew candy. I can’t say too much about it as it tastes very similar to a grape-flavoured Starburst; however, it does come with a collectible sticker of one of the nine characters in the anime series. It’s so popular (probably because of the popularity around the show) my regular place barely has enough time to restock. 

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 1

5) Coris Dragon Ball Fruit Fusion Gum

Kamehameha! Time to do the Fusion Dance as Dragon Ball brings five different dragon balls…I mean flavours to enjoy chewing on. This was a one-time purchase, but I felt it really tied into the Halloween spirit because I remember getting so many chocolate bars, mini chip bags, candies, gummies—and then, there’s all the gum. Between my brother and I, we thought getting gum from trick-or-treating was a bottom-tier snack because it wasn’t something that could necessarily be eaten. Of course, gum still has its flavour perks that can be savoured when you suck the blood out of it…I mean what? I tried fusing all the flavours and, let’s just say, don’t knock it until you try it. 

Available in: Soda, Strawberry, Lemon, Melon and Pineapple 

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 6

BONUS: Sugimotoya Boruto Gummy – Energy Drink

To round out the top 5 anime-inspired snacks to try this Halloween, I have to recommend another favourite gummy. This Boruto-inspired treat is quite similar to the Demon Slayer energy drink gummy, but I would put this a little below since it strangely tastes like a Red Bull drink. The reason I put this snack as a bonus is because I think the different hand shapes are visually appealing, plus each packaging has a different design of Boruto on its cover.  

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 7

All these snacks are available in Canada and the U.S at Sukoshi Mart or Japan Candy Store. You can also visit your local Asian supermarkets or Japanese specialty shops. Hope you have a tasty Halloween this spooky season!

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