Check Out This Unique LEGO Haunted House Gaming PC

check out this unique lego haunted house gaming pc 000617

The Twitter staff for the LEGO Group just gave us a much closer look at the inside of a custom haunted house gaming PC.

With the case’s built-in hinges, you can open it up to reveal a large Frankenstein monster, several minifig-friendly balconies, a pipe organ for Dracula, and even a tiny LED that displays the system temps with unique brick patterns. Even some of the minifigs have been used as holiday cable routing guidelines. All of this is, of course, within the enormous 20,000 brick haunted mansion that towers above a triple-monitor setup and gaming chair.

 The working components of the custom gaming PC seem to be creative and well integrated, with a variety of additional spooky lighting elements to make the scene seem more alive.

The best feature, though, is a fully functional gaming pc that is concealed under the brickwork and comes with a unique cooling system that would make any gamer giddy. Additionally, it seems the general architecture of the building appears to have been influenced by 10273 Haunted House given that the same colour palette was used in both.

This unique design was made by Aftershock PC, however in case you were harbouring the odd thought that you’d like to purchase this enormous build, the lovely people at Lego are quite clear to stress that it’s a one-off much to people’s disappointment despite how ludicrous the price would have been.

That official package, which is currently for sale, might create a good frame for a portable gaming PC with a few modifications. The build is quite impressive, everything from the performance monitor’s screen, which has a brick theme, to the tiny elements that make up the haunted house, such as the witch and other creature figurines, make this all the more likely to be on anyone’s wish-list. 

While this may just be a promotional design, there are lots of fun LEGO PCs available for people to purchase; even so, this one will stand out as a one-of-a-kind body of work that we can hopefully experience more in the future. 

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