What To Watch From The Crunchyroll Summer 2022 New Anime Lineup

School Is Out, Anime Is In

What To Watch From The Crunchyroll Summer 2022 New Anime Lineup 1

The list of the best upcoming anime shows has been released on Crunchyroll, which closed some chapters on some great shows while inviting some new prospects. So here’s what to watch from the Crunchyroll Summer 2022 new anime lineup.

Things are starting to heat up as summer sizzles on in July! Crunchyroll’s new and improved site has been ever growing with much still being moved over from the Funimation site. Along with site upgrades, their summer list of new anime shows had been announced with updates flying out the past couple of weeks. Some anticipated shows on the list included Classroom of the Elite II, The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Season 2, The Girl From the Other Side and Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2.

To provide a snapshot of each show, Classroom of the Elite II will be continuing its shenanigans with the dramatic Class 1-D. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji continues to learn the ins and outs of what it means to win the cash prize of 100,000 yen. The schemes and sabotage of this drama thriller continues for its second season, along with The Devil Is A Part-Timer!. The first season was a popular hit for its unique take on the Demon Lord Satan himself having to live amongst humans and find work to live—who knows what this season will bring?!

Also, a part of the second season club is Rent-A-Girlfriend, which focused on the intricacies of an online dating app where people could literally do as the title proclaims but without the non-PG stuff. The first season tackled the strange love/hate triangle of Kazuya, Mami and Chizuru—along with other girls from the rental girlfriend business. This dealt with the satire of dating apps and relationships the way The Boys have been handling the satire on so many things.

What To Watch From The Crunchyroll Summer 2022 New Anime Lineup 2

From the same studio that has brought great anime stories such as Vinland Saga, Spy x Family and Attack on Titan, Wit Studio will be coming out with a new anime series called The Girl from the Other Side. Based on the manga of the same name, the story revolves around a girl named Shiva who crosses into an unknown world and creates a new life together with a demon she meets and calls Teacher. I have not read much about the manga but the premise and mystery behind the world Shiva enters might be a thrilling storyline to piece together.

A trailer dropped back in April on Crunchyroll’s YouTube account that showed a little of the art style, dialogue and story. I thought the animation style was very refreshing to the mainstream anime shows. The visible sketched lines added a darkness of its own to the characters and scenery. Even though Shiva’s design appeared to be dull, her dialogue with the demon and facial expressions were still charming enough to be around the same cuteness as Anya from Spy x Family. I do not expect much lightheartedness in this show though.

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A few specials are also expected on Crunchyroll this summer! The Dr. Stone special will be about the new character, Ryusui who will be a pivotal member of the science squad as the team progresses to learn the truth about what really turned everyone in the world to stone. My Hero Academia Season 5 OVAs/Specials are going to be coming out in full swing as one of the episodes is going to be about the hero baseball league.

An important accomplishment coming to the streaming site is an anime adaptation of Rooster Teeth’s animated show, RWBY, called RWBY: Ice Queendom. The full details of the show have not been given, but fans of the original show can expect the RWBY members to make their full appearances in an all-new art style and stories. The first episode is scheduled to be released today, Sunday, July 3.

Probably the most surprising news of the lineup is the upcoming film, Oddtaxi In The Woods. In case you have not figured it out, it will be based on the award-winning series Oddtaxi as a sequel adaptation. Based on the description provided on Crunchyroll, the movie will be about the depiction of the events that took place after the series finale. Many fans were not expecting a sequel or further scenes following the season finale, but they hope this will tie up some doubtful ends.

What To Watch From The Crunchyroll Summer 2022 New Anime Lineup 3

Overall, the summer lineup of anime has some exciting things returning to offer those who are taking a break from their outdoor summer activities or need something to pass the time indoors. There is also the Crunchyroll spring list of anime you can catch up on as well. With One Piece on a relatively short hiatus still, it may not be a bad idea to start something new!

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