Terrible Warriors: Kult, Part Four

| May 31, 2022
Terrible Warriors: Kult, Part Three 1

The Terrible Warriors break out of character and check in with the group.

Dr. Callus and Autumn and Blue might be trapped beyond our reach but our players are right here at the table.

How have they been enjoying Kult? What do they hope and fear for the future?

GM Mitch invites Justin, Ainslie, and Kimberly to share their thoughts and desires…

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Our players are Justin Ecock, Ainslie Moors, and Kimberly Dewing
Our GM is Mitch Wallace

Justin Ecock is our audio editor.

Theme music is by Epic Game Music
All other music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

Kult: Divinity Lost is published by Helmgast

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