Trinity: Better Together (Comic) Review – A DC Must Read

Trinity: Better Together (Comic) Review - A DC Must Read 3
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Trinity: Better Together
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Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are DC Comics’ holy trinity. These three heroic pillars are the foundation of DC’s comic book universe. They are not only the most iconic figures in the DC lexicon; they are also some of the most recognizable comic book heroes the world over. They have been within the same world for 75 years and now they have their own comic series: the aptly titled Trinity.

The opening Trinity story arc titled Better Together compiles issues #1-6. The story begins with the aftermath of the end of the New 52 and the beginnings of Rebirth. Both Wonder Woman and Batman are still reeling from the death of the New 52 Superman. One lost a friend; one lost a lover. With a new Superman on the scene—the Superman pre-New 52, both Dianna and Bruce travel to the Rebirth Clark’s new home. He lives on the outskirts with Lois and their son, Jon.

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In a twist, it is Lois who has invited the two super friends over for dinner. However, things quickly slip down a bizarre and fantastical rabbit hole. In the barn just off his house, Clark discovers his late father, Johnathan Kent. He is alive and seeks to help his otherworldly son. But things are not as they seem and feelings are too good to be true… As if they were from a dream, conjured up by someone else.

That someone else is the sultry Poison Ivy. She has captured the three titans. All in a deep sleep, dreaming deeply into their own pasts until the true culprit of their pain reveals himself.

For that revealing tidbit, you’ll have to pick up the series.

Trinity: Better Together is a terrific comic series. Written by Francis Manapul (with many issues illustrated by Manapul as well), the story is not only compelling but also written with the depth and care not always seen in many comics. An interesting character study, issues 2-4 take place in each superhero’s dream. This allows Manapul an entire issue to delve deep into the inner recesses of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The three are taken back to their pasts—Superman with his dad in Smallville, Batman on the night his world changed in Gotham, and Wonder Woman battling her way through Themyscira. The interesting component lies with all three being a part of one another’s dream. It is their one salvation in the poisoned dream sleep.

This is how they are truly better together.

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Adding to the illustrations on a few issues is Emanuela Lupacchino, and they are done well, complementing Manapul’s issues. But this is clearly Manapul’s story. He’s the driving force; the main talent as both writer and illustrator. In comics, that is a rare commodity, especially one that can deliver with such a deep and interesting story.

Trinity: Better Together is a comic series all DC enthusiasts need to read. It has everything you need—Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all delving into one another’s subconscious, working together as a team to escape the poisonous hold.

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