Rock Space AC2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review

Rock Space AC2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review
Rockspace AC2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review
Rock Space AC2100
Company: Rock Space
Type: Router
MSRP: $139.99
CGM Editors Choice
| December 6, 2021

There comes a time in life where everyone thinks “wow my internet could be better,” and as a person who didn’t get internet until dial-up was considered primitive, when I had it I couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Nowadays, the internet is a necessary thing to function in real life. My iron – clad patience over slow loading times and poor performance has waned and become porous, especially in my bedroom, where it’s a dead zone even for my ‘4G coverage.’ I have tried many Wi-Fi extenders before, but not the Rock Space AC2100.

This is where Rock Space entered my life with its fantastically designed Rock Space AC2100 Tri-Band Home Mesh Wi-Fi system. Although I would personally change this name to ‘Rock Space fixes my space, system.’ This three-mesh cube system makes your existing internet a joke, and Wi-Fi extenders lack meaning.

Rock Space Ac2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review 1
Rock Space AC2100

Usually, I disregard instruction manuals and try to figure things out, but this time I saw the thinnest of volumes in place of an instruction manual, so prying it open to assure I used the item properly was in my best interest.

The first step was to scan a QR code in the manual to download the RS Wi-Fi app, which is simple and easy to navigate. This is a crucial element to these devices as intricate design can turn casual users off them, and no one wants a map for a device used at home.

The set-up for this system was also incredibly simple, and this is by far my favourite thing when it comes to new technology. Each cube comes with its own power cable, and three Ethernet ports. The ‘main cube’ is what I call the one that plugs directly into your wireless router. The system can also replace the wireless router — and I’ve tried it — but people who have awful cable soup like I do may forgo this option, as moving one wire can disrupt the nest.

Rock Space Ac2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review 2
Rock Space AC2100

After the main cube was nestled away, I went into my basement to show one of the ‘side cubes’ their new apartment. It was as simple as just plugging it in. Relocating the final side cube to upstairs, there are three floors to blanket with the Rock Space and this was anything but rocky. 

I visited the main cube and peeked at its under carriage to obtain the Wi-Fi info, and logged in to it. You are then prompted to give the main cube a name, the side cubes remain nameless, you could also leave it as is, but no one likes the alphabet salad that is ‘default passwords.’ I named my main cube Squabbles and the other cubes just connected into the app seamlessly.

The best part about the Rock Space AC2100 is that the documentation gives you a plethora of extra instructions, but after I named my main cube, the others just connected on their own. I suppose they just respond well to strong leadership. 

“The Rock Space AC2100 is an absolute beast.”

My download speeds used to be around 1.5 MBPS in my bedroom, which is absolutely miserable, and my living room had about 10-15 MBPS. The Rock Space jolted life into my dead zone and gave me 25-35 MBPS (it still fluctuates). The living room has a lightning-fast steady rate of 60-80 MBPS which gives an online game lag of zero. My basement retains the same rate as my living room. The best part? I had my desktop, laptop, TV, and Xbox One all running at the same time, downloading AND streaming. My phone still played Genshin Impact without lag with all the devices running at once. The Rock Space AC2100 is an absolute beast.

Rock Space Ac2100 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Review 4
Rock Space AC2100

The Rock Space also doesn’t take up much space for such powerful functionality, the main and side cubes are so small I was skeptical they would work considering the bad experiences I have had with former extenders. But this three headed (cubed) monster brings speed that I haven’t experienced before and is seriously a lifesaver, as I realize now how much time I was wasting waiting for downloads.

The Rock Space AC2100 is simple enough for non-technophiles to set-up and sleek enough to not clutter space in the home. The three cube (I just realized it’s called a node) design allows for convenient placement around the house. Although the system promises 6000 sq ft of coverage, I don’t have enough space to test that hard limit, but I do stay connected while walking to the corner store, which is seriously impressive. The Rock Space is a great addition to any home suffering with a dead zone.

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