CGMagazine's Game of the Year 2016 - Final Fantasy XV

CGMagazine's Game of the Year 2016 - Final Fantasy XV 1

So, it's the end of the year, and we here at CGMagazine, after a long and brutal conversation, have named Final Fantasy XV as our pick for 2016's game of the year.  The voting got fairly intense near the end, and if you have not yet listened to our GOTY podcast, I strongly suggest that you do.   In the end, we were left with three games and a tie for the top spot, with Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, and Overwatch considered favourites this year. 

In the end, Final Fantasy XV won edging out Hitman which had firm support from both CGMagazine writers along with the Podcast team. The Square Enix JRPG eventually got the nod with the staff believing it pushes the industry and franchise forward with a strong narrative, a large open world full of things to do, and a fun combat system.

Elias Blondeau- Editor: “[Final Fantasy XV] really spoke to me on a personal level. I got lost in it. I got engrossed in it. I’m going to replay the whole thing again this week with the new game plus stuff they patched in. As a long time series fan, and a long time series fan of Hitman. Looking at both these franchises that I care about a lot, Hitman delivered a very very tightly polished reiteration of things that I already liked about those games. Final Fantasy did a very good job of having enough fan service to make me go ‘Aw man, I recognize the thing you’re doing,’ while, at the same time, embracing a lot of modern JRPG and WRPG design choices to make a game that appealed to all sorts of audiences… I think that Final Fantasy XV solved a lot of JRPG problems by being accessible to a wider audience while still not losing any depth.”

CGMagazine's Game of the Year 2016 - Final Fantasy XV 3
Hitman 2016 - Square Enix

It was a tight race, as Hitman narrowly lost out. Unlike Final Fantasy XV's praise for it's story, loveable cast, and it's huge world, Hitman's nomination was based on the game's ability to take advantage of this console generation's power and capabilities, with an episodic release that allowed players to drop in and out when they'd like.

Brendan Frye- Editor In Chief: “[Hitman] is the game I’ve gone back to the most this year, and a game that has stuck with me most out of all the things I have played. When they first announced Hitman was going episodic, I along with other members of the media where skeptical, unsure if the team at IO Interactive would be able to pull it off. Then it came out, and everything clicked. The game experience all made sense, and best of all, it was fun. I will happily go back to Hitman as long as they release new maps for it, and the way they mix up missions and add new targets really pushes the genre forward. I think, for that reason it really belong as one of the years best.”

CGMagazine's Game of the Year 2016 - Final Fantasy XV 4
Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch landed in third place for breathing fresh air into the shooter genre, and it's ability to bring in many different players from varying walks of life.

Cody Orme- Associate Editor: “It was one of the first real pushes in the shooter genre that was bright and colourful and charming instead of dark and brooding. It’s progressive, and there’s a lot of things to say about Overwatch that are positive.”

Lisa Mior- Writer: “It really drew in a lot of different groups of players into this game because of that, it was a lot more approachable than other shooters.”

Game of the Year 2016 Nominees (Based on staff Vote):

Final Fantasy XV [Winner]
Hyper Light Drifter

CGMagazine also gave out three 10 scores this year for Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndDeus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Final Fantasy XV.

Overall 2016 was filled with some amazing games. It was a great year for fans, it was a great year for the industry, and it was a great year for gaming.


    As if giving that broken shell of a game a straight perfect score wasn't bad enough, suddenly it's your GOTY? I know these decisions are subjective, but there comes a point where awarding accolades like this for obviously rushed to launch and substandard work starts hurting the industry as a whole, and we're currently way past that point.

    • Ridthysak Serey

      I can assure u the game is not broken

      • Ridthysak Serey

        I'll admit it's not a perfect game or even goty but it's nowhere near as bad as u say mate

        • Jenkins bell

          Yeah,not bad,not GOTY,but good.I agreed with his "critics choose bad things" part,not the game sucking part.

      • RAMIREN

        Except Tabata himself has said he's going to patch the story because it's a broken mess.

        But hey, what would he know about FFXV.

        • Ridthysak Serey

          So tabata admit the game is broken?

    • Doobie281

      What...hurting the industry my butt, this is the AAA game that has the best shot to do the most good for the mainstream game industry. And hopefully it does do it by shaking up the industry's now two generational homogenized state of limited designed, imagination destroying, hand-holding FPS/TPS shooter mechanics and level design...which we desperately need to get out of. Forget about FFXV being rushed out or not entirely finished(which it will get updates down the line luckily) yet despite still feeling like a complete and satisfying experience; the real crime is the current state of the industry and any and all games that somehow get praise and awards for pushing the envelope in the same all too familiar and 'been there done that' direction. In regards to another comment you made further down: FFXV is not that broken at all in comparison to many open world games. Even the glitch-fest console destroyer that was Skyrim won plenty of GOTY awards.

    • Jenkins bell

      Agreed.almost.......actually every time happens.

      • Jenkins bell

        Oh,I meant the first guy,not you.sorry.

  • Roldan Mayuga

    Uncharted 4 received 10/10 score but not even nominated for GOTY? It's my first time in this website so it's safe to assume that the nominees received morethan 10/10 scores, maybe 15/10 or 20/10?

    • Brendan Frye

      Our scores are based on a rubric you can find here:
      That being said, just because a game gets 10/10, the GOTY is based on votes of all the staff, along with a debate of the topic. While the reviewer that played Uncharted 4, viewed it as his personal best of the year, not everyone agreed in our diverse staff. I hope this clears things up for you!

      • Roldan Mayuga

        Thanks for clearing that up. It's just that odd to me that most of the staffs agreed that an indie game is way better than the highest rated game in metacritic in 2016, even though Uncharted 4 already have morethan 100 GOTY awards for 2016.

  • Jenkins bell

    FF15 as the GOTY?that is critics for you.they would pick games you do not want to happened with bayonetta 2 over smash and shovel knight,with NHL over soul caliber,with Mario tennis over .........anything that year,with etc.not to mention,"lovable cast"?they sucked beyond every single way,last guardian was better (except gameplay).same with uncharted(graphics are just as good).overwatch is bigger than FF15!so many are better than final fantasy 15.this is coming from a Nintendo fan,and I say last guardian so hands down(because of popularity).

    • Jenkins bell

      Technically overwatch sold more and has a bigger fan base so why do I think TLG is the clear winner?overwatch sold more because it was on multiple systems.TLG was able to do pretty good on one system and have similar that is why TLG is better.

      By the way,Pokemon sun and moon and pokemon go are bigger than those two.if anything,Nintendo and blizzard and team ico should be the winning companies(even if TLG is the only one I am against.I go by popularity,not my opinion).