CGPodcast November 30, 2012

CGPodcast November 30, 2012

CGPodcast November 30, 2012

Brendan Frye

Brendan works as the full time editor-in-chief of Comics and Gaming Magazine, and part time as a developer, filmmaker, and laser disc collector.
CGPodcast November 30, 2012

This weeks CGPodcast is all about games and the games the CG crew have been playing. Tim talks about how Lego Lord of the Rings has the biggest scope he has ever seen in lego games and looks at why the online of Black Ops 2 is more fun than the single Player. Wayne talks all about his experiences with Epic Mickey 2 and how it lets him down in some significant ways. Brendan looks at Far Cry 3 and Hitman Absolution. The crew also discuss the big stories of the week such as The Wii Mini, THQ Humble Bundle and the leaked images from Destiny.

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  1. aawells07

    Why, like every other podcast out there do you not provide an MP3 DL link? I really would like to listen to this on my phone at work. I dont use itunes btw.

  2. aawells07

    Lol well ok then, i tried to support this podcast and listen to it but, apparently you have enough listeners that you can choose to ignore me. Its no wonder the comment section here is a ghost town as you dont respond to your listeners. I dont run a website but, imo its considered “normal” to provide a MP3 link for your listeners and to also take the time to try to reply to them when they comment with a question trying to ask for help. Put forth some effort and maybe users will see that you care and then maybe it’ll grow a community and thus the podcast would become more popular. This makes the third time ive tried to reach out to someone here only to be met with silence, Come on say something. ffs

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