CGM Recommends: Back-to-School Tech 2023

CGM Recommends: Back-to-School Tech 2023

Back to school is a stressful time for all parents, and here at CGMagazine, we understand your pain and have a neat CGM Recommends Back-to-School list for the 2023 school semester.

Every year comes in strong and goes out with a school semester. The same goes double for working parents, college students, and even working parent-college students. We here at CGMagazine understand very well how easy it is to feel strapped for time, so we have established a CGM Recommends Back-to-School 2023 list.

CGMagazine works with the best tech year in and year out, so it is safe to say we crammed for the occasion. This year we did the homework, so you don’t have to, and for the glorious 2023 school year, here is our CGM Recommends Back-to-School for 2023.

Monster DNA Max Wireless Speaker

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Tech 2023

Everyone likes music, and personally, the classical variety has gotten me through many ‘death march’ sessions that have gone into twilight hours. This is where the Monster DNA Max Wireless Speaker comes in. For the Back-to-School 2023 session, the Monster DNA Max boasts an IP67 waterproof rating and a high-speed Qi wireless charging base to stop cord pollution dead in its tracks. Snag yours today from Amazon for $179.99. For another option, fans can take a look at our Monster DNA One Wireless speaker review for a cheaper alternative.

Monster Power Center Vertex XL

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Tech 2023

The second item on our CGM Recommends Back-to-School 2023 list also comes from Monster. Introducing the Power Center Vertex XL, a power strip that provides 10 AC outlets, 2 fast-charging USB-A ports, and a 6 ft detachable magnetic USB Hub while having a 5,000-joule rating (a high surge protection rating). This neat power base provides ports and functionality, so while its user is barely functioning, it’s a solid wingman to finish projects with. Stay powered up from Amazon for $119.99.

Baseus for Back-to-School 2023

Baseus 17 in 1 3 Monitors Docking Station

To relieve even more pesky cord pollution, here comes the Baseus 17-in-1 3-Monitors Docking station. This hub can daisy-chain up to three monitors together to maximize productivity and eliminate setup. For those who use more than one monitor for back-to-school activities, this docking station is sold on Amazon for $99.

Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank 100W 20000mAh

For those who need power on the go, the Baseus Blade can fuel even a Razer Blade without breaking the bank. The Blade can power four devices at once and comes in a lightweight frame that anyone who could use a little power can lug around. As a bonus, all cables that can transmit 100W or lower can effectively and safely use this power bank without worry. Students in need of power for back-to-school can find it from Amazon at a discount of $79.99.

Baseus PowerCombo GaN3 Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 100W

Rounding out the Baseus trilogy is the PowerCombo GaN3 Pro 6 Power Strip, which can’t decide if it wants to be a GaN3 or an extension cord, so it chose both. For students strapped for the semester, a two-in-one is a recognizable steal, and Baseus has students covered with this device. Sporting one USB-C charger for SIX devices is a mighty feat (while maintaining an AC adapter port no less), and one Baseus aims to deliver. You can snag this hybrid power delivery from Amazon for $52.43.

Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Rechargeable Compact Keyboard

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Items For 2023

When it comes to class, being able to transport everything from one room to the next could be a manic episode. This is why CGM Recommends the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Rechargeable Compact Keyboard for back-to-bchool. This nifty device has everything a student (or professor) needs to his the pages while remaining slim and incredibly compact. The bonus is the Cherry KW 9200 is available for $64.99 on Amazon, and Prime Members get FREE two-day shipping.

Monoprice USB-C to DP 1.4 8K Cable

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Items For 2023

Monoprice and their Monolith audio brand are slowly becoming the worst-kept secret in quality audio devices at affordable pricing, and their latest specialty 8K cable, the Monoprice USB-C to DP 1.4 8K can get the job done. For back-to-school semesters, price is definitely a factor, and this cable can be a fitting addition for those in need, especially with its advanced support for HDR10+. Grab one from Monoprice for $17.99.

Tablets for Back-to-School 2023

Xiaomi Pad 6

Xiaomi Pad 6 Tablet Review

For those in the market for a back-to-bchool tablet for 2023 that doesn’t burn your wallet, the Xiaomi Pad 6 is a safe choice. The Xiaomi Pad 6 is a solid option for multitasking and, when work stops, a solid option for gaming as well. The Pad 6 sports an 11-inch IPS LCD with a staggering 144 Hz refresh rate, and most importantly, packs a Snapdragon 870 chipset into its small frame to give it the reliable running power it needs to power professionals through the semester. Consumers can snag one on Amazon for a starting price of $384.

OnePlus Pad

Befunky Design (40)

Our second option for the 2023 semester is the first-ever OnePlus Pad tablet. Tablets with keyboards are becoming popular, and the OnePlus Pad delivers. Our review of the OnePlus Pad by Dayna Eileen says the tablet “is a great addition to the OnePlus line of smart devices, meeting every need I could ask for while leaving out extras that I would consider expendable to meet its excellent price point.” Those in the market for a tablet can snag this one from Amazon for $479.99.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Laptop Review 205806

The next “tablet” on the list is the latest edition of the Microsoft flagship tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. This is the more premium option for those going back to school, and it comes with all of the bells and whistles expected out of the Surface Pro series and then some.

The CGMagazine review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 by Andrew Wilson states, “While the price is steep compared to basically any other tablet on the market, no other comparable tablet offers the same specifications and versatility as a Surface” regarding the latest Surface Pro 9. Consumers can grab one at the starting price of $1099.99 from Amazon.

ReMarkable Type Folio

Remarkable Type Folio Keyboard Review

Another tablet-like device on our Back-to-School 2023 list is the ReMarkable Type Folio. This novel device allows users to simply type-write by attaching the keyboard to their reMarkable 2, without the need for cables for a distraction-free experience. As a bonus, the reMarkable Type Folio also operates as a full-fledged protector for the reMarkable 2, and for students who forget ‘where they read that quote,’ the Type Folio could be a Grade-A choice. Consumers can get one from for $199.99.

UGEE U1600 Drawing Pad Display

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Items For 2023

The last tablet device on the CGM Recommends Back-to-School 2023 list is the UGEE U1600 Drawing Pad Display. It’s incredibly important to note that this last device is a companion device and cannot be used alone. With that in mind, there are myriad uses for the UGEE U1600 Pad, such as making art and taking notes in conferences (or pretending to), and ultimately is another display for the multitasking student/professor to make use of. The art factor with the stylus is the wow factor on this one, and the device boasts that using it is as natural as writing or drawing on paper Consumers can grab this extra convenient display for $553 on Amazon.

Technics True Wireless Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School Tech 2023

Of course, ANC headphones are a staple on a Back-to-school list, and this time around CGM Recommends the Technics True Wireless Noise Cancelling Ear Buds (EAH-AZ80). These buds feature dual hybrid active noise cancelling tech, to block out the sounds that disturb you, while keeping the sounds that help push you through an all-nighter crystal clear and uninterrupted. Back-to-schoolers can grab a pair for $299.99 from Amazon.

Logitech For Back-to-School 2023

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Headset

For those who want a cheaper, over-the-head alternative to earbuds, look no further than the Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Headset. This headset ups your professional game for the classroom, but it can also be used for gaming when class is no longer in session. This wireless headset sports an 18-hour battery life, assuring it will last longer than the user for the most gruelling session. Get yours from Amazon for $99.99.

Logitech Brio 300 Web Cam

To up your professional game further for back-to-school activities without breaking the bank, Logitech has your six yet again with the Logitech Brio 300 Web Cam. Featuring a 5-ft long cable to help plug in from physically anywhere, the delivered resolutions of 1080p/30fps (1920×1080 pixels) and 720p/30fps (1280×720 pixels) are nothing to scoff at, even if you’re in the midst of a most compelling lecture. Consumers can grab one off Amazon for a fair $59.99.

Logitech Logi Dock

The last item on the Logitech menu for back-to-school, is the piece to tie a workstation together without effort or clutter, the Logitech Logi Dock. Not only has this device teamed up with Microsoft Teams (a work/school professional staple), but it has enough ports to weather any storm with a staggering eight. This device takes direct aim at wire pollution and stops it dead in its tracks. With a DisplayPort for the resolution conscious, an HDMi port, two USB 2.0 ports, three USB Type-C ports, and a Kensington Lock port to support even more peripherals, consumers looking for a dock to fend off the storm of homework can grab this one for $304.50 from Amazon.

We have come to an end of the CGM Recommends Back-to-School 2023 list, as the school semester is firing up to begin. Consumers can check back to this list regularly as more additions can be made prior to the official start of the school year for more recommendations. Better yet, readers can swing over to our Back-to-School tech list from 2022 to dig into tech that could start a new year off right.

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