CGM Recommends: Holiday Video Game Gifts for Gamers

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Holiday shopping has never been easier with online businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult to find what to buy.

The holidays are a very busy and packed time of year for plenty of reasons: there’s a lot of shopping to do in a very short amount of time, and sometimes you just don’t know what to get your gamer friends/family for the holidays. CGM is taking that stress away by giving you plenty of options. These family, indie and mature games are waiting for the perfect player. Pick a game that reminds you of your loved ones and make them feel like you know what kind of game they’d love… even if you’re not sure.

Game’s for Mature Players

Age of Empires IV 

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Claim your victory by building up your economy in the medieval age as you find resources and fight off enemies who want to raid you and kill off your empire in Age of Empires IV. Determine your own history this holiday season by protecting the world you’ve built with all you’ve got. 

Horizon Forbidden West

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 742049


If you’re looking for an awesome action/RPG adventure game this holiday season, you just might have found it. Your loved one will have the time of their life exploring new places and fighting off new enemies, facing the danger that they’ve yet to face before. Whether that danger is large machinery or a regular human, there’s no doubt that it’ll knock you off your feet. Change Aloy forever by first uncovering the secrets behind earth’s collapse.

MLB The Show 22

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 728500


Gather up all your favourite MLB fans as MLB The Show 22 is ready to celebrate the holiday season alongside them. In case you’re also a baseball fan, play online with your sports buds, even if you’re on a different device! If you fear you’re just “too good” at the game, it has multiple difficulty settings which you can adjust to optimise the way you play.


Holiday Game Gifts


Europe faces religious and political change as Andreas Maler, our character, finds himself in the face of plenty of scandals. This historical narrative-driven game depends on you to make the right choices. In early 16th century Bavaria, the people are waiting on you to investigate the very scandals you’ve been caught up in. Pentiment could be just what your loved ones are looking for in an action packed story.

The Callisto Protocol

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 871136


The Callisto Protocol is set 300 years in the future, and it’s your job to battle your way to safety as inmates of the prison you’re in begin turning into monstrous creatures right before your eyes. Change up tactics to fight against these rapidly evolving creatures. You may need some new weapons, gear, and abilities to make it out of Jupiter’s dead moon alive!

Plague Tales Requiem

Holiday Game Gifts


Amicia and Hugo, siblings which have been cursed with a burden of travelling far south to attempt to escape the ruthlessness of Hugo’s curse. When the burden chases them in the form of death and destruction, they flee once more, this time to try and free Hugo from this curse once and for all. If your loved one is looking for a promising story, this is truly the game for them. 

Dead by Daylight

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 386169


Choose to chase 4 of your friends as a bone-chilling killer or run alongside them and test your fate as you try to escape through this thrilling multiplayer game. Choose between 9 servers and 7 killers who are sure to knock your socks off (hopefully that doesn’t impact your running ability!). Play Dead by Daylight with someone special this holiday season.

Lost Ark

Holiday Game Gifts


Lost Ark has all of what you’d want out of an action-packed RPG/MMO game, with customizable features like characters and weapons. Travel the vast seas and continents while you travel, raid, and partake in PvP battles. The game features some starter packs that are very worth looking into: Apprentice, Explorer and Vanquisher starter packs are waiting for you!

New World

Holiday Game Gifts


New World has so many possibilities, once you begin there’s hardly a chance that you’ll run out of things to do any time soon, from side quests to PVP. Explore the world around you and work to be the most powerful. There’s not any reason why you wouldn’t want to spend your time with a loved one playing this action-packed online MMO. Just don’t get too caught up in side quests this holiday season, or you might end up having to deliver presents for Santa!

God of War Ragnarök

Holiday Game Gifts


It’s no surprise that an awesome game like God of War Ragnarök would be a must-have for the holidays. With familiar and new fighting tactics compared to the other games in the series. The story picks up a ‘few years’ after the events of the much adored God of War (2018) left off. The game is something that you must experience, which makes it an incredible gift for the holidays.

Elden Ring

Holiday Game Gifts


Dragons, Demigods and hard-to-beat bosses/enemies face you head on with this familiar title: Elden Ring. A game that you just can’t stop exploring, fighting in and over all: playing. The game has you use your abilities, magical spells, weapons and tools to fight against enemies and unravel quests. The game has an incredible atmosphere which will leave your loved ones wanting to play for hours. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Holiday Game Gifts


Six soldiers bravely face bosses and enemies, not to mention even more powerful enemies like superbosses. In this magic based society, Noah and Mio adventure out to end this cycle of violence. Truly an incredible third instalment to Xenoblade chronicles and a fantastic game for anyone who enjoys compelling story and action.

Game’s for the Family

Jackbox Party Pack 9

Holiday Game Gifts


Now this is how you spend quality time with the people you love, with a hilarious response-based game like Jackbox you already know you’re going to have a night of laughs. With up to 10 players you can have the holiday of a lifetime. The trouble of not having extra remotes won’t be a problem as each player can play on their phone or tablet! The fun is endless, let’s get it started!

LEGO Brawls

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 137439


Whether you’re looking for a casual, competitive, quick or even just looking to grind the game for collectables, LEGO Brawls might just have everything you’re looking for in a platform brawler. Customise your LEGO Minifigure in any way you could ever imagine with “over 77 trillion” combination possibilities! Brawl against competitors with whatever attitude you choose and claim your rightful victory!

Splatoon 3

Holiday Game Gifts


This holiday season, greet some of your favourite Inklings and Octolings in Splatlands and Splatsville and battle your way to the win. With more of your favourite Splatoon gameplay and even more weapons and strategy waiting to be discovered, this Christmas you and a loved one can fight off the evil Octarian together! 

Pokémon Legends Arceus

Holiday Game Gifts


Pokémon is turning a new leaf in terms of its open-world gameplay. Your loved ones will be thrilled as they follow the Galaxy Expedition Team to study one of the areas in Hisui region. Catch ‘em all and feel the nostalgia wash over you as another generation is influenced with our favourite Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Holiday Game Gifts


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduces us to so many more features, evolving the Pokémon world that we know and love. With new Pokémon, new evolutions, Customizable picnics to replenish your Pokémon’s XP, Technical Machines to teach your Pokémon some new tricks and an endlessly amusing environment, there’s no doubt that this game is a treat for anyone on Christmas morning.

Sonic Frontiers

Holiday Game Gifts


Another familiar face greets us for the holidays in terms of action-platforming with Sonic Frontiers. Sonic gets stranded, and it’s now his job to battle powerful enemies and uncover this ancient island’s mystery, action and adventure. Explore side quests, solve puzzles and even go fishing! 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 286840


Set off on another adventure with your best friend Kirby, what adventures will he get into now? Travel with him on a 3D platforming adventure from your greatest dreams. Abandoned structures that remain from a past civilization have never looked more interesting while Kirby explores them. This holiday watch as a loved one sets off on an adventure with our classic friend.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 862885


Do you love Disney characters? Of course you do! What’s not to love? I’m sure your loved ones share the appreciation for this classic and loveable genre of entertainment. Wake up from true love’s kiss and find yourself in a magical valley which holds multiple biomes. “Who lives there?” I hear you say, only your favourite best friends, Disney and Pixar characters!

Indie Games

Dome Keeper

Holiday Game Gifts


This holiday season, you’ve got to make sure your dome is safe! While you aren’t defending your dome from monsters, you must dig and drill your way through your tunnel to find useful materials to thrive. Your dome is subject to plenty of alien attacks, so fight them off as fast as you can! But you can’t fend them off for long without upgrades to your dome, jetpack, attacks, weapons, and you can’t forget about your drill!


Holiday Game Gifts


This is your only chance to make a change in this mysterious fantasy world. Guard travellers, connect villages, support merchants and fight against creatures, bandits, and even the undead. Reveal all the secrets of the mysterious peninsula in which you search. Subject your loved ones to danger.. Safe, digital danger, that is. 

Potion Permit

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 560440


Be the hero of your story and villagers as you diagnose and find cures to their illnesses, gather ingredients, brew potions, get rid of monsters and collect materials from them, upgrade your town and form friendships with your townsfolk. If you’re looking for peace in a game, you’ve found it.  


Holiday Game Gifts


Do you know if your loved ones are cat or dog people? Well, now they’re no ‘person’. You find yourself (as a stray cat) in a long-forgotten city, entirely alone. Escape this murky cybercity and travel high and low with unexpected obstacles coming at you when you least expect it. Use your stealth and annoyance to fight off those predators as you attempt to escape this scary city. 

Cult of the Lamb

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 439262


Look at you, turning into animals left and right…possessed animals?! You just survived extermination by an ominous stranger who wishes you to pay back the debt, but… you’re only a lamb! How could you ever repay them? Travel to far and mysterious regions to gather members of your worshipping cult, the more the merrier (or the BAArrier).

Let’s Build a Zoo

Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 073429


With all these animal games there has to be something to hold them all… Oh, I know! Let’s Build a Zoo! With over 500 different animals, the best of the best employees and of course, under the table business ideals. That’s right, not only can you run your zoo on legal terms but if you choose to do so you can optimise your income by breaking the law! So watch as your loved ones breed the weirdest animals you can think of and decide their digital financial fate this holiday season. 


Cgm Recommends Holiday Video Game Gifts For Gamers 395821

$ 28.99

Recently released on Playstation 5, Sable invites you to glide her through vast deserts and landscapes to unleash the mysteries that come with every piece of ruin around her. Other nomads that lurk around are patiently waiting to hear from you and unearth what Sable is hiding beneath her mask. 

Now that the holidays are in motion, it’s your turn to continue the motion and go for some of the best video games to give as gifts for those special friends and family members who love gaming. It’s your turn to shine and it’s their time to play a hero in their new favourite games.

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