Top 5 Dad Jokes In Video Games For Father’s Day

Top 5 Dad Jokes In Games For Father's Day

Since it’s Father’s day, it will be difficult to hold the line when faced with an onslaught of dad jokes, so we here at CGMagazine have listed some favourites.

Video Games aren’t just known for sprawling narratives and gameplay. There are also cringe-inducing jokes and puns that could be classified as ‘dad jokes.’ These dad jokes come from fan-favourite characters that will make eye-rolling an automatic response instead of a premeditated action.

So, of course, we here at CGMagazine have compiled a list of some of the most cringe-worthy jokes/one-liners/puns that have happened in video games just to help those out at home that may have to deal with the incoming storm of jokes that can be thrown in the ‘dad category.’

Small hint, there will be no mention of “I just printed it yesterday” when referring to large dollar bills at the checkout line, and there will be a limit of one quote per title.

Top 5 Dad Jokes in Video Games

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

As far as gaming goes, being a Demon Hunter should be classified as badass. That’s exactly why it’s so excellent that fans were introduced to a far more cringe version of Capcom’s favourite Demon Hunter with Dante from Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. As a prequel, Dante has less maturity but far more dad jokes in his arsenal.

Dmc 3

While Dante has used one-liners before, my favourite comes from longtime Dante vocal talent, Reuben Langdon, who delivers a Hall of Fame calibre slew of dad jokes during the entire prequel. While there are many to choose from in this one title, the dad-est joke around happens during Mission Three when the player confronts the boss, Cerberus.

Dante says, “Wow, I’ve never seen a talking mutt before. You know, in a dog show, you’d definitely take the first place,” inciting the ire of fans everywhere.

Ratchet and Clank

The Insomniac-developed Ratchet and Clank utilizes an iconic brand of slapstick humour, while the protagonist duo of Lombax and Robot face universe-threatening adversaries. But that doesn’t stop the title from embracing its inner socks-and-sandals and throwing a few dad jokes into the mix.


The Plumber character makes an appearance in almost every mainline entry in the Ratchet and Clank series, but in the first entry, Ratchet giggles and issues a comment, “Look, Plumber’s crack,” referring to the Plumber’s bent-over stature while working. When the Plumber confronts Ratchet about his joke, he clams up and says, “Look the Plumber’s back!” In accordance with dad jokes everywhere, Ratchet makes a mention of ‘the Plumber’s back!’ after meeting him many times after this initial encounter, a dad joke with longevity.

The Last of Us

During Joel and Ellie’s venture to survive a cordyceps fungal outbreak that turns humanity into zombie-like monsters, Ellie brings the absolute heat when it comes to straight-up dad jokes in The Last of Us. While the stakes couldn’t be higher, neither could the perfect delivery on some of these bangers.


If anyone wanted to, they could make a list of just Ellie’s dad jokes and call it a day (there is even a Trophy signifying this brand of humour called ‘That’s all I got’). But, after opening the safe in the ‘Hotel Lobby’ area, Ellie preps Joel for her foray into ‘pun humour’ before offloading a doozy. She says, “I tried to catch some fog earlier, I mist,” and Joel lets out what can only be described as a defeated groan. Dad jokes at their finest.


Undertale is a cult classic, and after its release back in 2015, fans have praised the title for its clever writing. A main skeleton character, Sans, follows the player throughout their adventure and makes countless punny quips all game long.


Most of Sans’ jokes have puns built into them, considering he is a skeleton and he constantly replaces regular words with bone names. This makes for automatic dad jokes and cringe shortly follows after. One of his finer moments is when he complains about noise “Graveyards are so noisy. It’s mostly all the coffin’.” While there are many examples of his punny prowess during Undertale‘s narrative, this is one of his best dad jokes.

Fallout: New Vegas

The final title on our list is a Bethesda title. While Skyrim may have one of the most meme-ed lines in video game history with “I used to be an adventurer like you, but I took an arrow to the knee,” another title in their catalogue dropped a dad joke for the ages.

Mr House

As the courier in Fallout: New Vegas, you come across some larger-than-life personalities, and there’s almost none bigger than Mr. House. While Mr. House appears to be all about business, the Courier can attempt to barter with the powerful screen character, and ask for a raise while performing tasks for him.

If the player’s Barter skill is below 50, asking for a raise sounds like “Raise your price or… or… you’ll be ‘chip outta luck'” to an orchestra of groans everywhere. Mr. House replies with “Is that an attempt at… humor?” to the Courier’s attempt at dad jokes. The sequence is so wonderfully awkward and cringe. Dad would be proud.

That just about wraps up the Top 5 Dad Jokes In Video Games For Father’s Day list! If anyone has any recommendations for some cringe-inducing dad puns, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments below.

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