Amazon’s Fallout Series Set Revealed Iconic Super Duper Mart

Amazon's Fallout Series Set Revealed Iconic Super Duper Mart 1

A set reveal for Amazon’s upcoming Fallout TV series circulated online with the familiar Super Duper Mart hinting at the show’s backdrop.

Amazon and Bethesda had announced a collaborative TV series on the Fallout video games, greenlit back in 2020—bringing the Capital Wasteland fun to audiences’ homes. Recently, fans on Twitter and YouTube captured what appears to be the first look on set for the live-action adaptation. The image and video showed the backdrop of the iconic “Super Duper Mart” with two rusty vehicles parked in the parking lot.

This location hints that the show may be pulling from content in Fallout 3, which was the first game Bethesda worked on and has been a popular hit amongst gaming fans. Players will remember this location from when the player escapes the vault in Fallout 3, and without spoiling anything, the player learns of the brutality of the Wasteland for the first time.

While the image and video do not reveal too much, it shows the series producers and creators are going to try to be authentic as possible. The post-apocalyptic video game franchise was already revealed to have Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan on board. Bethesda boss, Todd Howard was also added as an executive producer.

YouTube video

The specific location of this Super Duper Mart was found on 2424 Hylan Boulevard, New Dorp, on Staten Island, New York. It used to be home to a ShopRite store but had moved out of the now Super Duper Mart location, which was scooped up for this opportunity to build this great Fallout 3 set piece.

There has not been a set release date for the series, but the cast includes Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Xelia Mendes-Jones (Wheel of Time), Ella Purnell (Arcane), Walton Goggins (Invincible) and Aaron Moten (Disjointed), with undisclosed roles. No further details have been revealed yet and no cast or crew have been spotted on the recreated set either.

Authenticity for live-action adaptations have been on the edge with the latest Netflix shows such as Resident Evil, receiving mixed reviews for its adaptation style. But criticism on live-action adaptations have been the case for years, from the sad Mario & Luigi movie to the latest hit adaptation film, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Amazon'S Fallout Series Set Revealed Iconic Super Duper Mart 2

Even though Super Duper Mart was famously known from Fallout 3, it does not mean the series will be focused on Fallout 3. It could be pulling from multiple games as this reveal could be taken with a grain of salt on the plot of the show. However, it is crazy to see how the video game location really looks its part in real life.

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