New Yeelight Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro Helps Reduce Eye Strain

New Yeelight Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro Helps Reduce Eye Strain

The latest light bar from Yeelight has just been announced with plenty of details on its features and uses for gamers and office workers alike.

As the number of jobs shifted to working from home, so did the rise of screen fatigue—or more gamers are grinding in Elden Ring and Lost Ark. Yeelight proudly announced the launch of their newest product, the Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro, which could be a potential solution to your painful screen time. The light bar is tailored to reduce eye strain by “avoiding screen reflection”, can be easily setup on a flat or curved monitor with remote access controls.

The Yeelight Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro boasts having 16 million backlight colours, perfect for the gamer aesthetics found in many Twitch and YouTube streamers’ content. It is said to be compatible with various smart home software like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings and more. Imagine saying, “Let the games begin,” and your monitor lights activate—if that is not for you, that is okay too.

Specifically for gamers, the light bar is compatible with Razer Chroma RGB and Overwolf. This means that the lights will interact with kills or special in-game moments in games like League of Legends, CS: Go, DOTA 2 and more. But that is not all, the light bar is also able to sync with other Chroma-enabled devices like keyboards, mouse and mousepads. When there is no one cheering for you, there will always be your RGB lights there to help encourage you.

New Yeelight Smart Led Monitor Light Bar Pro Helps Reduce Eye Strain 2
Yeelight Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro

Yeelight has recognized that it is not just gamers who face eye strain but everyone working from home. The light bar can be magnetically-mounted and can cover approximately 25 degrees in its lighting orientation to help combat glare. The great aspect is that it is meant to be fitted on top of the user’s monitor, so it takes up less desk space. If you have long meetings on Zoom or Discord, it can be quite useful, and your webcam can still be either beside the light bar or can be situated above it, depending on your webcam.

One of the coolest additions to the light bar is that it comes with a “remote rotary knob” or a remote-control knob that can help switch quickly between different lighting profiles. It can be used to adjust the colour temperature, brightness and if mood lighting is needed. It is a great addition to the Mi Home App and voice controls.

So, how much is it though? The Yeelight Smart LED Monitor Light Bar Pro—Flagship Edition is offering a special deal for all CGMagazine readers if they use the code: CGMAGYEE at checkout. Take advantage of getting the light bar for only $97.99 (regular price $139.99) at the Yeelight official store or Amazon.

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