The PSVR2 Release Window Has Been Revealed

PSVR2 on the Horizon

The PSVR2 Release Window Has Been Revealed & Fan Reaction Has Taken Off 1

In an EXTREMELY brief announcement, PlayStation dropped a tidbit of information on their official UK Twitter account that gave a vague release window for the PSVR2.

The PSVR2 has been receiving the slightest trickle of information since the announcement of Horizon Call of the Mountain, back in January from Sony‘s CES 2022 presentation, and today, trickle of information would be hyperbole considering Sony’s announcement on their newest VR headset was a small picture and subtitle on Twitter.

Even though little was said in the announcement, fans are already excited about the prospect of getting their hands on the PSVR 2 in early 2023. Even notable VR developers have responded with resounding excitement on the headset with Polyarc Games, the developers behind Moss: Book II for the Meta Quest 2, have joined the fray with a tweet “Yeah! We’ve been looking forward to a release window for @PlayStation PS VR2 for months! Early 2023. Can you think of a game that benefits from a two-controller setup?” showing their excitement.

The Psvr2 Release Window Has Been Revealed &Amp; Fan Reaction Has Taken Off
Moss: Book II

While developments on the state of PSVR2 have been relatively slow, there is demand for PS4 PSVR titles to work on the new device and backwards compatibility has been proverbially swept under the rug without it being addressed. Fans are also seriously concerned about the price point of the PSVR2 with many users asking about it. Another issue users are having is the wired nature of the headset, with Twitter users trolling on the “biggest problem,” with photos.

The previous July PSVR2 announcement showed some serious prowess, with new features like “see-through-view” and the ability to customize a play area, for fans searching for true innovation on the PSVR2.

While the PlayStation VR2 does indeed have an announced release window, there have been delays in the past, and judging from the large amount of delays software has received this year it shouldn’t be counted out as yet. The PSVR2 is slated for the beginning of 2023.

Philip Watson
Philip Watson

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