Street Fighter 6 Partners With Fast Food Chain Chipotle

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Restaurant chain Chipotle announced today they would be partnering with Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, as the first restaurant to allow players to earn Fighter Coins through digital purchases.

Ahead of the launch of Street Fighter 6 on June 2nd, 2023, the fast food restaurant Chipotle announced they would partner with Capcom to offer Fighter Coins for players who made digital purchases online or via the Chipotle app. Additionally, later this year Street Fighter 6 will feature in-game integrations like Chipotle Daily Brackets, Battle Hub signage, and Chipotle-branded avatar items.

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Exclusive experiences are also being planned for The Fighting Game Community (FGC) within this partnership, with several other highlights and details found below:

  • Players will receive a code for 250 Fighter Coins to purchase Characters, Character Outfits, Character Alternative Colors, Stages, Stamps, Avatar Emotes & Avatar Gear in the official Street Fighter 6 in-game Shop with qualifying purchases at Chipotle.
  • Chipotle Rewards members can redeem 250 points in the Chipotle Rewards Exchange to receive an additional code for 250 Fighter Coins.
  • The Chipotle Challenger Series, the restaurant’s own e-sports competition, will return on June 17th and feature Street Fighter 6 as its headline game, with the top two teams getting an invitation to the 2023 Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas.
  • Chipotle will serve as a sponsor for the 2023 Evolution Championship Series (Evo).
  • Beginning June 2nd at Noon, Chipotle will give out 500,000 free chips and guacamole offers to Chipotle Rewards members who watch at least one hour of live streams on participating Twitch channels.

On-site spectators and players at Evo, co-owned by RTS and Sony PlayStation, will be treated to various integrated experiences, including a community lounge, pick-up brackets for Chipotle prizes, and custom gifts for pool qualifiers.

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“This partnership will provide Chipotle with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the passionate and dedicated fighting game community and to create innovative activations in-game and in-real-life within Street Fighter 6, Chipotle Challenger Series, Evo, Capcom Pro Tour, and COMBO BREAKER throughout 2023,” said Jason Scorrano, Head of Partnerships for RTS. “This innovative partnership will shape the future of the fighting game community and how brands connect with it in meaningful ways.”

With all of the excitement for the next entry in the Street Fighter franchise, it’s always fun to see partnerships and collaborations come together from places you would least expect. Chipotle’s presence in the gaming industry is an interesting one, for sure, which makes the Street Fighter 6 x Chiptole combo one that hopefully acts as an example for other brands to get involved with other games in the future.

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