The Dark Pictures Players Are Upset With First Two Games Still Unfixed

The Dark Pictures Players Are Upset With First Two Games Still Unfixed 1

The Dark Pictures anthology players have continued to publicly call out Supermassive Games to fix the bugs in the first two games.

Supermasive Games has recently launched their latest title in The Dark Pictures anthology games, The Devil In Me, with a mix of critical response for its season one finale. But the latest issue remained with the company not fixing bugs in their previous titles, despite the fact that the first two games were recently updated this past September 28, 2022.  

The horror series’ first two titles, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and The Dark Pictures: Little Hope received September updates that included difficulty settings, quick-time event (QTE) warnings and more accessibility options—along with a new story chapter. While these were much needed updates, fans were not happy with the new bugs that came with the games due to the update. Players have reported being unable to save or make progress past certain points.

Supermassive Games responded to the issues on a Reddit thread on October 17, which stated they recognized the issues of “save game issues, progression blockers, missing collectibles (i.e. secrets, bearings and pictures) and missing audio/visual features.” The Dark Pictures series’ community manager shared, “Our teams are actively working on creating fixes for these issues, and plan to release them in a patch as soon as it is ready.”

The Dark Pictures Players Are Upset With First Two Games Still Unfixed 2

With over a month of no solid plan to fix the identified problems from Supermassive Games’ staff, fans have been impatiently waiting for progress to be made on the bug fixes with the new update. To make matters worse, fans have stated their unfairness with consoles versus Steam (PC) versions.

Players on Steam could roll back their updates whereas console players are currently still stuck with where they are in the games. A Supermassive Games staff member shared, “As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the Steam versions of the two games were rolled back as it is a platform which allows for this. It isn’t something that the team are able to do on the console, however, which I’m sorry for.”

The latest statement from Supermassive Games wrote: “The team are committed to investigating the reported issues thoroughly. They are working hard to put a patch together and once there’s more details about this available, I’ll be sharing them. I’d like to assure you that the team are treating these issues as a priority, and fully appreciate the frustration that players such as yourself are feeling about these issues. I’ll provide more information when available, and appreciate your understanding in the meantime.”

The Dark Pictures Players Are Upset With First Two Games Still Unfixed 3

As someone who has recently started to enjoy their titles like The Quarry and The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me, I was disappointed that the issues remain unfixed. This could hurt the company’s sales as The Devil In Me can be expected to join the other three games in game bundles.

Supermassive Games announced their plans to continue The Dark Pictures anthology games with a new entry in 2023 for PlayStation VR 2. This new game from the studio was said to lean into more of a first-person shooter experience with some flashbacks to the worlds built in previous Dark Pictures episodes. So far, it seems like The Devil In Me and House of Ashes remain to be the best games to play in the game series, as the bug fixes for the other games continue to plague players.

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