Footage From The Last Of Us TV Adaption Leaks Online, Likely Confirming A Focus On Original Game’s Backstory

New The Last Of Us TV Adaption Appears Online, Appears To Confirm A Focus On Original Game's Backstory

More footage from the set of the upcoming The Last Of Us TV adaption has surfaced online, and it appears to confirm that we will be seeing more of the original game’s backstory when it airs on HBO.

The footage in question was shot in downtown Calgary, and it shows the Military moving through the city’s streets. As the trucks make their way through the city, red flares go off from the building close by and celebratory gunfire can be heard.

The crowds, played by extras, can be heard shouting things like “Freedom!” on the streets. You can take a look at the footage for yourself down below.

It suggests this scene will depict the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone before the events of The Last of Us, this is around the time that the Hunters, a group of hostile survivors, overthrew the QZ’s original ruling faction, FEDRA, and took control of the zone. However, this is still a theory at this time, so take it with a grain of salt as it could very well change by the time the series airs.

There’s a second leaked clip that shows Bella Ramsey as Ellie squeezing her way into a gap, before making her way around and opening a door for Joel, played Pedro Pascal‘s Joe, to make his way through. This is actually very similar to the scene in the original game, and you can see why below.

Lastly, but definitely not least, TheLastOfUsTV, a fan account dedicated to the show on Twitter, shared a soundbite of Jeffery Pierce about his new character, Perry. In this he says, “Perry is brand new, and part of a brand-new branch that has huge implications for things that did occur in the game,” says Pierce. “And, so, that’s exciting, because it will unveil things that attach to the game, and you’ll be like ‘Oh s**t! That all makes even more sense now!'”

Meanwhile, earlier this year, leaked photos from the set gave fans their very first look at supporting characters Sam and Henry. A short clip also surfaced that showed Sam and Henry, along with Ellie and Joel, furtively crossing the road before taking shelter in a nearby building. There still isn’t an exact release date for The Last of Us yet, but HBO did reveal that it’s likely coming out sometime in 2023.

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