Pixels & Ink: Episode #293

Pixels & Ink: Episode #293 1

This week on Pixels and Ink the team takes a look at the latest releases, new trailers, and some of the biggest stories of the week.

Alex, Lisa, Cole and Brendan discuss the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 news, the Battlefield V trailer event, the potential for a new PlayStation Portable, Lego Overwatch, and the latest news from Fortnite.

In reviews, Lisa talks I Hate Running Backwards, Brendan talks Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Dreams, Cole dives into Mega Man Legacy, and City of Brass, and Alex touches on all things Comics and Overwatch.

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday the Pixels & Ink Podcast to hear the latest news, previews, and in-depth game discussions! 

Want to hear more about some of the games the team talked about? Check out Jed Whitaker’s review of State of Decay 2, Joel  Couture’s reviews of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time and Dragon Crown Pro, our preview of Forgotten Anne, and Zubi Khan’s review of Wizards of Legend

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