Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

I finally got my hands (or should I say ears) on Sony’s Pulse 3D Wireless headset and wow, this headset is flipping sweet if you own a PS5. The Pulse 3D Wireless headset works on both the PS5 and PS4 and is now available in a sexy midnight black instead of the standard white. This new-ish headset is exactly the same as the original except it has a matte black headband. I just wish I had a PS5 in midnight black to match instead of the white behemoth that sits in my television unit.

The Pulse 3D Wireless headset delivers your ears an incredible experience you won’t find in many other places. These were made to showcase Sony’s Tempest 3D audio engine which was built directly into the PS5. 3D sound is no overhyped buzzword, it’s the real deal. You have to hear it to believe it. Playing PS5 exclusives in these tin cans is an amazing experience, but everything else just sounds the same.

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I slept on Returnal when it first came out, but going back with this headset on has made me appreciate the game a lot more. The intricate sound design rattles around my head, while immersing me fully into next-gen tech. It also does wonders for exclusives like Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom. The lineup is slim pickings currently, but here’s hoping we get a lot more in the coming years.

This, of course, isn’t the only headset on the market that can create these sounds. You could technically get the gist of it by plugging any headset you own into the DualSense controller, but this allows you to do it easily. There is a huge noticeable difference in games made for it when using these headphones. This is a solid wireless headset that charges via USB-C and looks sexy for a headset. NO FLASHING LED LIGHTS BABBBBY! It’s easy to set up—it’s literally plug and play and is affordable.

“The Pulse 3D Wireless headset delivers your ears an incredible experience you won’t find in many other places.”

As far as comfort goes, I find the headset a tad small on my giant head (I’m nearly an 8). That’s the only thing I can really dock it on. It’s unfortunate it’s just not a tad bit bigger as I can’t find myself wearing it for long without my ears hurting. I nearly have to tuck them into the holes.

Another feature that took some getting used to was the button layout. While not overly confusing, there’s quite a few buttons here. You have your volume rocker and a rocker for adjusting the game and chat audio mix. You can also turn on mic monitoring to hear your own voice and there’s my favourite button: the mute button.

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The headset works with 2.4GHZ wireless via an included USB-A dongle. Simple plug and play. Otherwise, you can plug a 3.5 mm cable into the DualSense controller or any other device with a headphone jack, not looking at you, iPhone.

In testing, I tried this headset out on my Xbox Series X and was less than impressed.  Without the 3D audio, it’s just your run-of-the-mill headset. This headset should only be for PS5 owners. Without one you’re just buying a simple, headset and, while cost-effective, you could do better. This headset should be your dedicated PS5 headset.

I’m excited to see how God of War and Horizon Forbidden West sound on these bad boys. The exclusives are set to sound, in technical terms, real damn good. Here’s hoping that, by then, I’ll have a black PS5 to match.

Final Thoughts

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