SIHOO M18 Classic Office Chair With Triple Spinal Relief Review 

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SIHOO M18 Classic Office Chair With Triple Spinal Relief

Most people plan out their gaming setups, starting with a choice between console, PC accessories, or brand recognition. Once your monitors are all planned out, and your favourite back-lit keyboards and mice are chosen, the one thing most people forget to take into consideration is the need to have something that supports you well for those hours-long gaming sessions. The SIHOO M18 Classic Office Chair With Triple Spinal Relief is one of those options that you’re setting may be missing. 

The SIHOO M18 Classic Office Chair With Triple Spinal Relief utilizes one of the longest names you’re going to see for an office chair but also packs a ton of features into a more-than-reasonable price. Between the extra focus on spinal relief, the reclining ability, and lumbar support, the SIHOO M18 Classic keeps your back feeling young and springy, but falters in its general comfortability, especially for a larger-sized consumer. 

Sihoo M18 Classic

Starting with the negatives, the SIHOO M18 Classic keeps things pretty simple with comfort. While the seat itself is fairly soft and cushy, it doesn’t make you melt as some competitors on the market do. Additionally, the use of mesh on the back makes for a more breathable experience, but all in all, lacks the comfort and integrity to physically keep a person comfortable, especially when reclining. While none of this is a dealbreaker, the SIHOO M18 Classic just sticks to the basics in this department, which is a little disappointing based on the long list of features on offer focused on spinal relief. 

I will also note that family members who tested the chair found it to be a bit more comfortable the smaller you are. I am a larger man, so I didn’t find the chair was quite deep enough for me, while also having those concerns with the mesh material and longevity of the seat cushion. However, as your weight and height get smaller, these issues should be taken less and less seriously.  

“Between the extra focus on spinal relief, the reclining ability, and lumbar support, the SIHOO M18 Classic keeps your back feeling young and springy…”

After that small knock, the SIHOO M18 Classic takes things several steps back in the right direction. From the start, building the chair showed how sturdy of a model this is. With heavy-duty metal legs and wheels and the nice design decisions, this chair feels like it’ll last as you put it together. Adding in the 3-year warranty, you really don’t have much to worry about in terms of the general build of this chair. 

Sihoo M18 Classic

From there, the laundry list of features to maximize back comfort takes this model into the stratosphere. Between the three levels of tilt and tension control, double-adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests and headrest, and the W-shaped design of the seat, you’re simply showered with ways to customize the SIHOO M18 Classic to your liking.  

Starting simply with the headrest and lumbar support, there are options here that I didn’t know I wanted in a chair until the SIHOO M18 Classic gave them to me. Being able to move the lumbar support both up and down the back of the chair, as well as the more standard depth adjustments, is a lifesaver that I found myself changing on the fly depending on how my back was feelings. 

“With the recline allowing for between a 110 and 126-degree bend, you can really lay back in the SIHOO M18 Classic.”

Additionally, the headrest has the ability to rotate 45 degrees to slide under your head just right, while also having several inches of adjustment to allow for all but the tallest consumers to get their perfect neck support. Paired with the armrests moving up and down, you can almost fully customize this chair. 

Sihoo M18 Classic

The reclining features, though not really usable by someone my size, are extremely comfortable for a smaller consumer. With the recline allowing for between a 110 and 126 degree bend you can really lay back in the SIHOO M18 Classic. With the only major upgrade I could even conceive of coming in a foot rest that pairs with the recline, it’s clear to see that this chair maximizes comfort with its features, especially for your back.  

From start to finish, the SIHOO M18 Classic tops out on features available for the consumer to enjoy. While I found my experience a little lacking in the comfort department due to my size, more average-sized consumers will most certainly find these issues to be misplaced. Anyone looking for an office chair built to make sure you don’t finish your day with an aching back could spend a ton more on the market for a chair that doesn’t have nearly as much customization as the SIHOO M18 Classic, which based on everyone being different, gives it quite an edge at such an affordable price point. 

Final Thoughts

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