GRID Reminds Us That Our Favourite Technology is Art


The end of 2021 is fast approaching, which means the holiday season is just about here. If you’re anything like me, it is near impossible to find a gift for the tech enthusiasts and gamers in your life. The gear they want, they’ve already bought, and if they haven’t, it’s likely because the costs can be astronomical. That is where GRID comes in. This company has managed to make artwork from every day technology, allowing you to give a lasting gift that won’t been deemed redundant in the coming months.

What GRID does is take your favourite technology and break it down, displaying it in a classic black frame, for you to admire.

If you’ve ever looked at the inside of a well-built PC, you know that technology can be art, and GRID will take your favourite piece of tech, rip it apart in the best way possible, and create something you will be proud to hang in your home or office.

Grid Reminds Us That Technology Is Art

The model we received is the GRID® Game Boy Pocket, but GRID has something for everyone. If you love Apple, they have iPhones. If you love Google, they have the Pixel. If you love PlayStation, they have the PSP. They even feature watches, Blackberries and an old Nokia! If you get a tech connoisseur for Secret Santa this year, GRID is a great go to.

The Game Boy Pocket hangs in my office, right in camera view for my video conferences and interviews. It is an excellent statement piece, especially for someone who works in tech and gaming. But GRID goes further than that. The Game Boy Pocket is a piece of my childhood. The frame takes it apart, but also tells you when it was introduced, and breaks down where the controls were, labelling every part. A product that helped raise me, that isn’t quite state of the art anymore, can still be a part of my every day life. Plus, my kids think seeing the inside of our tech is so interesting.

With their studio operating in China, they also have warehouses in China, the Czech Republic and the United States. GRID pieces start around $169.99, and they are currently having a great sale on their site! The frames come in two sizes, 11.7 x 16.5 in, or 13 x 13 x 1.8 in. They also commission custom pieces, so if you have something in mind, reach out to them directly. GRID accepts PayPal, debit and credit, and ships internationally. Now is a great time to order in time for the holidays!

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