Top 5 Co-op Games For Valentine’s Day 2023

top 5 co op games for valentines day 2023 23021402 1

We here at CGMagazine have couples covered this season of love, with a compiled top 5 co-op games for Valentine’s Day list to swoon over.

Some of my fondest gaming memories are of beating a difficult game with a partner over a long session. Whether taking down General RAAM on the insane difficulty of the original Gears of War, or collecting all the LEGO pieces during an extended LEGO Star Wars run, couch co-op has provided some of the most memorable moments of my many years as a gamer.

This February, we’ve compiled a list of the best co-op games for Valentine’s Day 2023 that can be played from the comfort of a single couch, no internet required. Even if the collaboration takes the form of mutually agreeing to ban odd jobs in a game of Goldeneye 007 — which has just been released on the Switch Expansion Pass — there’s nothing like a solid co-op game for Valentine’s Day. With the runaway success of 2021’s GOTY, It Takes Two, and the massive success of Animal Crossing New Horizons, here are the top co-op games for Valentine’s Day that are sure to put couples’ teamwork skills to the test (in no particular order).

Top 5 Co-op Games For Valentine’s Day

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Top 5 Co Op Games For Valentine'S Day 23021402

This is an easy one. TMNT has been notorious for its beat-em-up action-based gameplay, and there’s nothing quite like giving foot clan minions the business end of a bo-staff in a co-op game on Valentine’s Day. With a multitude of character selections and the difficult Arcade Mode, there is plenty to be happy with regarding the newest game in the TMNT series of games.

As an added bonus if a couple has both played the TMNT Arcade back in the day, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Cowabunga Collection is another stellar option as a co-op game for Valentine’s Day for those searching for a nostalgia trip. Shredder’s Revenge is also available on Xbox Game Pass, so this is an absolute no-brainer.

4. Diablo 3

Top 5 Co Op Games For Valentine'S Day 23021402 1

There are a multitude of Diablo-likes out there, allowing the term ‘Diablo-clone’ almost to be its own sub-genre of game. But the original Diablo 3, or the latest Eternal Collection, is a great idea for a multiple-chapter story session to play as multiple characters on one screen.

Running through the bowels of hell as a couple with the common goal to defeat massive demons-from-hell bosses makes one great co-op game for Valentine’s Day. It can also be said that couples who brave hell demons together stay together. A solid Diablo-like title that can fill in for Diablo 3 if it has already been finished is Warhammer: Chaosbane, which features diablo-like couch co-op gameplay set in the Warhammer universe.

3. Escape Academy

Top 5 Co Op Games For Valentines Day 23021402 2

The most recent title on this list is Escape Academy, which can also be found on Xbox Game Pass for no extra charge. An escape room is always a solid date night idea, so why not experience a solid escape room experience from the comfort of not having to leave the house in a good old-fashioned local split screen? Unlike Halo Infinite, Escape Academy promised and delivered local split screen, therefore making the co-op games for Valentine’s Day list. There’s nothing like triumphing over an insurmountable puzzle with a loved one, with the ability to unplug from the internet completely.

2. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Top 5 Co Op Games For Valentine'S Day 23021402 3

Not only did Kirby and the Forgotten Land win the Family GOTY category, it’s also a solid game for couples that have a skill disparity when it comes to gaming. The easily accessible second player Bandana Waddle Dee not only wields a mighty spear, but it is also a perfect beginner player character considering if the player makes an error, they can simply respawn quickly. Searching each stage for hidden extras to build the Waddle Dee Town together is also an excellently experienced co-op game for Valentine’s Day, without the need to leave the living room or have a stable connection.

1. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Top 5 Co Op Games For Valentines Day 23021402 4

Both of the games in the series have been fully ported (including the cheat menu) over from their heyday in the PS2 era. The addictive top-down RPG mechanics absolutely hold up since 2001, and the digital re-releases are a fraction of what the physical titles go for on secondary markets. This title is based on the lore of Dungeons & Dragons and features memorable characters and a really good (although cliché) level design. Searching every nook and cranny with a loved one delivers a solid co-op game for Valentine’s Day.

There you have it, the top 5 co-op games for Valentine’s Day list for 2023. For fans looking for even MORE co-op goodness, you can swing over to the 2022 list CGMagazine presented for more ideas.

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