Death Stranding 2 & Other Sony Projects Apparently Leaked

Death Stranding 2 & Other Sony Projects Apparently Leaked By SIE Document 3

A recent SIE document that got published on ResetEra detailing upcoming Sony projects and potentially leaking Death Stranding 2.

A private Sony Interactive Entertainment document has apparently made the rounds on the internet today, after it was subsequently leaked on ResetEra this Monday, and in it contains some tidbits about upcoming PlayStation and PC releases, including Death Stranding 2, from the gaming juggernaut. This information leaked without the help of Sam Porter Bridges lead, Norman Reedus. The document can be seen below.

Death Stranding 2 &Amp; Other Sony Projects Apparently Leaked

Although the document clearly says 2021 as the only year on it, there’s still a lot to unpack here. The only slot for “Kojima Prod” says ‘Ocean’ in the same row, which seems that the previous ‘oops’ moment lead for the original Death Stranding, Reedus had when mentioning “We just started the second one,” could lead many to believe Death Stranding 2 is codenamed ‘Ocean.’ With that being said, that information should be taken with a grain of salt considering no official announcements have been made as of yet, and with director Hideo Kojima’s propensity for vague teasers, anything is possible.

There’s other information to be found from this document not Death Stranding 2 related, such as the KOEI Tecmo ‘Ronin’ listing, which could refer to Rise of the Ronin revealed in September’s State of Play. There is also listings for a “Horizon PS5 Remaster” and “Horizon Online” which means we could potentially see both hit the PS5 as well. Returnal is another title that graces that small page, with the platform PC listed, which has been rumoured, just shy of a formal announcement.

Death Stranding 2 &Amp; Other Sony Projects Apparently Leaked By Sie Document 4
Game Designer – David Jaffe

Interestingly, there’s a vaguely listed ‘Redstar’ under the Lucid Games banner, who’s responsible for Destruction All-Stars. Seeing that Destruction All-Stars is listed on the same document, speculation can run rampant for an Unreal Engine powered vehicle combat title in development for PS5. David Jaffe, a game designer who worked on the 2012 Twisted Metal, confirmed the next entry in the series is definitely in development just yesterday on his YouTube channel, so that could potentially be what fans are looking at there.

Without confirmation from Sony on any of these projects, including Death Stranding 2, fans will just have to wait for formal announcements regarding these projects.

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