The next Dungeons and Dragons Anthology Book Will be Written Exclusively by Black and Brown Authors

The next Dungeons and Dragons Anthology Book will be Written Exclusively by Black and Brown Authors

Wizards of the Coast has announced their next Dungeons and Dragons anthology adventure book titled Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, which is set to be available on June 21st and is exclusively written by 16 black and brown authors.

The 224-page Dungeons and Dragons book will feature 13 anthology adventures that are connected to the Radiant Citadel, a mysterious city at the heart of the Ethereal Plane and also introduces new characters, monsters, and more.

The book will also feature a variety of all-new locations, including a new yet mysterious floating city that dungeon masters can add to “ongoing games, stream as one-shot sessions, or use as the basis for entire campaigns.” The design of Journeys through the Radiant Citadel was co-led by Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft writer, Ajit George and Wizards of the Coast senior game designer on the Dungeons and Dragons Team, F. Wesley Schneider.

“This book is stunning in its scope and ambition. It blows open the D&D multiverse with a fresh set of exciting adventures that serve as gateways to new lands, monsters, characters, and more. Talented writers from around the globe came together to make something truly special. There’s never been anything like this in D&D before,” George said in a press release.

George said he couldn’t shake the idea of a whole book written by black and brown writers inspired by their own lives, background, history, cultures, myths and stories. The previously Ethereal Plane is a city carved out of a massive fossil of an extinct unknown creature from ancient origins, George says the idea of the city was inspired by Indian rock-cut architecture.

The city is surrounded by 15 containment holders that would normally contain smaller gemstones called Concord Jewels, which are connected to the Material Plane and can transport anyone to 15 of the Citadel’s founding civilizations. The thing is, not all the gems have been inserted as 12 of the gems are missing. This is intentional as this story beat can serve to inspire both experienced and upcoming dungeon masters.

“This was done so that we could allow DM freedom to place a Concord Jewel wherever makes sense, either in your homebrew campaign or in an established D&D world. You could link your location to the Radiant Citadel and to the adventures in this book, or just between different worlds and by using the Radiant Citadel as a waypoint,” George said in a Polygon article.

George adds that the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons anthology book is “not a place of backstabbing, and lurking monsters, and crime just around the corner.” Instead, Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is “meant to give players a real hope, a respite, a place to regroup and rebuild after facing the worst and most tragic challenges… where they could launch incredible stories and adventures.”

Some of the Dungeons and Dragons anthology adventures dungeon masters can get players to experience are listed below.

  • Salted Legacy – A first-level comedic mystery adventure set in a bustling night market
  • Written In Blood – A third-level adventure that sends playable characters to investigate a farm with a terrifying haunting
  • The Fiend of Hollow Mine
  • Wages of Vice
  • Sins of Our Elders
  • Gold for Fools and Princes
  • Trail of Destruction
  • In the Mists of Manivarsha
  • Between Tangled Roots
  • Shadow of the Sun – A eleventh-level adventure that encourages adventurers to choose allegiances while navigating the escalating tensions of an angel-ruled city
  • The Nightsea’s Succor
  • Buried Dynasty
  • Orchids of the Invisible Mountain

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is a collaboration between the Dungeons and Dragons team and a talented collection of artists, storytellers, games designers, and other creatives. It includes contributions by Justice Ramin Arman, Dominique Dickey, Ajit A. George, Basheer Ghouse, Alastor Guzman, D. Fox Harrell, T.K. Johnson, Felice Tzehuei Kuan, Surena Marie, Mimi Mondal, Mario Ortegón, Miyuki Jane Pinckard, Pam Punzalan, Erin Roberts, Terry H. Romero, Stephanie Yoon, and many more.

Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts will ve able to pick up Journeys through the Radiant Citadel either digitally or in North American stores on June 21st. More information on the Dungeons and Dragons anthology book release will be revealed soon. The cover was designed by Evyn Fong while an alternative cover designed by Sija Hong will be available exclusively through game stores.

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