Is Hideo Kojima Working On A New PS5 Game?

Hideo Kojima Announces New Project For Development in 2022

A Twitter post from Hideo Kojima has led to speculation that his team may be working to develop a PlayStation 5 game as their next project.

Game creator of Metal Gear Solid and the latest hit Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima, tweeted about the look of the new offices for Kojima Productions. The picture in the tweet evidently showed a PlayStation 5 development kit in the background, which could suggest that Kojima would be working with PlayStation on their next game.

Rumours had been said that Kojima would be working with Xbox next and exploring more with Microsoft’s Cloud technology but the most recent tweets have shown more with Kojima working with the Sony camp. Of course, the setup in this latest tweet was explained that it was using Sony’s Telepresence System, MADO. Essentially, it has been Sony’s project to make video calling more personal with a bigger screen and feeling like talking to the person on the other end.

Hideo Kojima is typically known to keep his team’s work under lock-and-key but there was the accidental by Norman Reedus, his Death Stranding protagonist, who revealed that the game is most likely getting a sequel. So, maybe the latest tweets could be glimpses of the work on the sequel’s development.

The other project still on the table was the Silent Hill game many fans wanted after playing the P.T. demo. The project was originally supposed to have Hideo Kojima and horror film and TV master creator, Guillermo del Toro, at the helm. Kojima had always expressed his interest in making a horror game. As much as fans want a Metal Gear Solid follow-up, it would most likely mean working with the fragile relationship with Konami again.

Another recent rumour was that Kojima Productions was going to be acquired by PlayStation Studios, right after the buyouts of Bungie and Haven Studios. The rumour was based on Death Stranding getting an updated banner from PlayStation Studios. Of course, Kojima shut the speculation down that Kojima Productions would maintain its independence.

Is Hideo Kojima Working On A New Ps5 Game 2
Death Stranding

Another possibility could be that Hideo Kojima could be working on a new IP entirely. Ultimately, Kojima seems to be using a lot of Sony and PlayStation’s assets and technology for his next project—sorry Xbox green team fans. Another hint at the tight relationship between Kojima and PlayStation was shown when he tweeted flowers received from PlayStation boss, Jim Ryan, and Sony’s Kiichiro Urata—it cannot be a coincidence.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was last year’s release from Kojima Productions that added new content to the base game and enhanced visuals. For now, the Kojima camp has been silent about what exactly their next project would be.

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