KOVOL Sprint Charger Review

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KOVOL Sprint Charger
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Now that the world is slowly opening back up, and travel is once again a thing we can enjoy, there is more need than ever for a charger to keep all your devices topped up while on the go. This is where a GaN charger comes into the picture, and the new $99 120W offering from KOVOL manages to hit the sweet spot with power and value.

While $99 seems like a fair amount for a charger, KOVOL have packed a lot into this relatively small offering. Featuring two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports, this is much more than the standard in-box charger phones used to be packed with. Especially when more laptops and phones, and any other device you can think of, use the USB to charge, the Sprint Charger is your power companion, and it does that job well.

The KOVOL Sprint Charger comes in a very modest package, featuring the aforementioned charger, a 4.9ft AC cable, and a user guide. That is all you really need to get things started. The setup is also just as simple, with you needing to plug it into the wall, plug in the desired device, and you are ready to use without the fear of running low on power.

The KOVOL is one of the heavier chargers we have used. While many opt for a thin and light approach, the KOVOL Sprint chose a more robust feel, that shows the level of components used inside, but also helps it stay on the desk while in use. I found it easy to get setup, and it helped make any surface a desk ready to work.

The KOVOL Sprint offers a total of 120W of power, and that is split between the devices you choose to plug in. If you plug in two devices, each USB-C port will only offer 60W worth of power, so plan accordingly to ensure everything gets what it needs.

“The KOVOL Sprint offers a total of 120W of power, and that is split between the devices you choose to plug in.”

Even more important when charging is the fact the charger will not damage your devices as it gives them power, and this is why I was happy to see the KOVOL Sprint feature what it calls Q-Pulse technology. This is supposed to keep your device and the area around it safe from the potential for a fire or other malfunction. The charger features overcharge, high-temperature, and short-circuit protection, something many of the cheaper options do not have, meaning that while you may save a few bucks, it could lead to serious problems down the road.

Kovol Sprint Charger Review

In testing, we tried the KOVOL Sprint on a series of devices, including a range of phones, laptops and even smaller accessories, and overall, I was very satisfied with the results. Even power-hungry laptops and tablets manage to charge very quickly. Phones, for example, could top up in minutes rather than hours, with even intensive laptops staying charged even when gaming or using advanced applications.

I was also happy to see the charger featuring an adaptive 110-240 voltage, making it an ideal choice while travelling anywhere in the world. This, combined with the relatively small size, makes it an excellent choice, so you can bring one charger with you over four, something that is fantastic if space is at a premium. I only wish the KOVOL was a bit less bulky, as it is now, it does take up a fair amount of space (46 x 46 x 85 mm/1.81 x 1.81 x 3.35 inches).

I have often been disappointed by chargers in the past, especially when they can power multiple devices, but the KOVOL Sprint has impressed me. It worked for most of the devices I tested and charged them very fast. It feels built to last and the fact it can replace up to four adapters while on the go makes it the ideal travel option. While $99 is a bit steep, you are getting what you pay for with the KOVOL, and that piece of mind is worth the price tag.

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