MAVIX M4 Gaming Chair Review

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MAVIX M4 Gaming Chair
Company: Mavix
Type: Gaming Chair
MSRP: $488.88
CGM Editors Choice

As a semi-professional game critic, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, so I know the value of a good chair. For the longest time I had to park my rear on a crummy Ikea chair that always resulted in lower back pain—how I made it through our Pixels & Ink Podcast in that chair, I’ll never know.

Thankfully, I was granted a MAVIX M4 gaming chair and as someone who has pretty limited experience with gaming chairs, I’ve got to say I was impressed. Even for the lower end of the MAVIX M series, the M4 allowed me to stay at my desk for endless hours, whether I was doing work, or enjoying a spooky round of Phasmophobia.

Out of the box, the M4 was easy to assemble, even by myself—requiring minimal tools and not a lot of labour for a chair that measures in at 46” inches from the headrest (set at its lowest) to the floor. Once assembled, the MAVIX M4 has a sleek and sturdy design for a relatively low-frills gaming chair, with a mesh back and headrest that manages to be both comfortable and secure. Initially, I thought the mesh back would make the chair feel cheap, but I was genuinely surprised by how supportive it is. What’s more, the mesh design makes the back much more breathable compared to leather or cushion-backed chairs I’ve sat upon in the past.

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But more important than its design is its comfort, and I’m pleased to say the MAVIX M4 gaming chair was incredibly comfortable to sit in, with a 19.5″ inch seat that perfectly suited my appropriately sized buttocks. In addition, the MAVIX M4 features Dynamic Variable Lumbar support, which I’m not sure I noticed, and I imagine that means it worked. Whether I was sitting straight while writing a review, or leaning forward to do some up-close video/photo edits, I never felt any stress on my lower back. Even better, albeit imperfect for reasons I’ll get into, is the M4’s 37° degree recline which allows for even more leeway to rest your weary back while working or gaming.

“I’m pleased to say the MAVIX M4 gaming chair was incredibly comfortable to sit in…”

For the purpose of this, my MAVIX M4 came with the heating, cooling, and massage add-on which is a very nice touch—though probably not necessary for the average consumer. While I enjoyed the cooling fan, I never felt like I could feel the heater through even light clothes, and the massage feature left a bit to be desired—having only a standard and pulse setting, as well as a high and low intensity setting. Even on high, I never felt like the “massage” feature was doing much to release any tension, and low setting is practically non-existent.

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Furthermore, the buttons to operate these features are all on the back of the chair, and can be a bit tricky to navigate. While that might seem like a nitpick, anyone who might want to turn on the cooling fan while in the middle of an online game, or possibly a livestream, may find it a bit troublesome, and it seems to me these controls would’ve been better on the armrest, or even the side of the chair.

My last complaint with the MAVIX M4 gaming chair has to do with the aforementioned recline. While functionally it’s fine, I can’t help but wish it offered a bit more resistance for adjustable recline. On more than one occasion I wanted to gently lean back—so as to relax, but not be so far from my computer that I was stretching my arms like Springman—but the chair just pulled me all the way back. This might not be a problem for everyone, but for someone like me who is of roughly average height and reach, it didn’t give me a lot of options.

Minor complaints aside, the MAVIX M4 gaming chair is a solid addition to any office or gaming space, if you can get past the $488 USD price tag. This chair is perfect for anyone who wants comfort and design, without all the bells and whistles of some of the more fancy gaming chairs out there.

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