CGM Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022

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CGM Recommends has compiled holiday lists to provide solid gift ideas for any occasion, but this time we have the best holiday gifts for gamers—only four days of shopping left!

Not everyone has a magical sleigh that can travel thousands of miles overnight. We here at CGMagazine certainly don’t have access to this either, but all year round we have the opportunity to get our hands on the latest and greatest gift ideas for gamers, effectively doing the legwork, so you don’t have to.

Our readers come from all walks of life, but just like our readers, we have compiled numerous lists for any enthusiast searching for an easy 1-2 punch to gift without thought. Therefore, here is our CGM Recommends: Holiday Gifts for Gamers 20220.

ZenniOptical Call of Duty League Blokz

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Starting off, ZenniOptical has a new line of Blue Light filtering glasses that shield your eyes from long runs through ranked just as the pros wear. There are offerings that teams wear in real time during their matches, but the newest offerings are two separate frames made just for Call of Duty League, honouring the recent release of Modern Warfare II.

You can snag a contemporary pair for $46.95 and a clear goggle-designed approach for $49.95, and as a bonus they fit inside stockings as well!

GeForce NOW Physical Gift Cards

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 148147

Another solid stocking idea on the CGM Recommends for gamers 2022, is GeForce NOW physical gift cards. As announced earlier this month, GeForce has FINALLY unveiled physical gift cards just in time for the holidays. Although this gift doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, PC gamers are sometimes notoriously hard to shop for, and what better gift is there than to offer a guilt free ‘treat yourself’ this 2022 season?

The physical gift cards come with a free gift box, and will run buyers $50.

SteelSeries Arena 7 Speaker System

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 074604

Another newer item gracing the PC gamer section of the CGM Recommends holiday gifts for gamers 2022 list, is the SteelSeries Arena 7 Speaker System. Our previous report on the Arena 7 when it was announced states “Gamers that take their audio more seriously have the upgraded option of the arena 7 system, which includes a 6.5” subwoofer for those who like to feel that they’re in the game as well as hear everything that could possibly spell the players’ demise. For one more added feature, the speakers of course come with RGB, to add style to the system.”

Get yours for $379.99 today!

Nintendo Switch Online Membership

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 486773

The Nintendo Switch Online membership is an easy recommend for gamers that own the latest Nintendo console due to its relatively cheap price and what it gives the gamer holding the controller. The recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet utilizes the online service amicably despite its flaws, and the service provides access to SNES banger titles such as the entire Donkey Kong Country series, and the extremely expensive Earthbound in digital form.

For only $19.99 a year, there’s no reason to not jump in. Fans can also adopt the ‘Expansion Pass’ that gives access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles for $49.99 annually.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 489787

Every month the constantly evolving Xbox Game Pass snags more titles that make it more worth it than the previous month. With new straight-to-Game Pass titles such as Scorn, and older but still excellent titles such as Forza Horizon 5, there is truly something for everybody on the fleeting service. CGM recommends this service highly, as value can be found in the 100+ titles on offer. The service could also be utilized seamlessly from a PC or an Xbox, and as a bonus for PC players, Death Stranding can be played on the Xbox service for the first time.

Jump into MANY titles for $16.99 a month.

PlayStation Plus Membership

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 245042

Like the other two gaming giants, PlayStation also has an online service that offers free goodies for the avid gamer that may have everything, but can always use more time for their membership. Like Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus adds new titles every month to their membership devoid of a heftier price. There are three membership tiers, with Essential, Extra and Premium with each also offering their own incentives to move up.

You can grab a year of PS Plus today off Amazon.

Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 826788

There hasn’t been a huge abundance of officially licensed arcade style fighting sticks on the market, but CGM recommends the Victrix Pro FS as a gift for gamers. CGMagazine’s review states “The Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick is thoughtfully designed for the PlayStation 5, making it an ideal choice for those serious about tournament-level hardware,” regarding the peripheral.

Get in the fray from Amazon for $399.99.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II QcK L Task Force Edition

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 949215

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has taken the gaming world by storm since its release, and there has been plenty of merchandise releasing in honour of the latest title in the Activision series. This of course includes the SteelSeries limited edition mousepad doused in Task Force 141 regalia. Mousepads such as these make excellent gifts due to their limited nature, and being the perfect ‘I want that, but I don’t want to buy it myself,’ allure.

There are only 1,000 of these ever made, and you can secure one for a loved one at $19.99 from SteelSeries.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Controller For PC & PS5

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 722909

As far as wireless controllers go, CGM recommends the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro as an upcoming comfortable stand-in for their stock counterparts that come equipped with base consoles. Although the controller is branded up-down-left-right with PlayStation insignia, this controller is also fully usable as a PC peripheral without issue. With superb actuation time, the Wolverine V2 Pro can give aspiring gamers a claw up on the competition.

Those in the market can pre-order one now for the Holiday season from Razer at $249.99.

Xbox Series X|S & PC Purple Fade Airlite Pro Wireless Headset

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 301404

For a more economical wireless headset option, CGM recommends the Airlite from PDP as a stylish and less costly alternative to some other market options. This rechargeable headset can last for a promised 16 hours on a full charge, and has noise-cancelling features to help keep you in the game without distraction.

Grab yours today for $89.99 from PDP.

Xbox Series X|S & PC Black Afterglow Wave Controller

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 190283

To compliment the PDP Airlite headset listed above, the Afterglow wired controller from PDP is also a safe bet to supply solid quality without a huge price tag. Through the PDP App, gamers can customize the colourways that radiate out of the controller, and the buttons are fully mappable. It helps that there are two back paddles to help gamers that normally hand cramp, situate themselves to a more comfortable feel. As an added bonus, both this controller and the Airlite PDP peripherals work with PC and Xbox.

Snag this snazzy Afterglow controller for $62.00 from PDP.

ROCCAT Vulcan II Max Keyboard

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 837663

Possibly one of the more attractive keyboards on the market, with tactile switches no less, is the CGM recommended ROCCAT Vulcan II Max keyboard. The CGMagazine review says “The ROCCAT Vulcan II Max keyboard on its own is damn near flawless. Not only is it beautiful, but it still has that same perfect clickiness I loved with the Vulcan Pro because of its TITAN II Optical Switches which last up to 100 million clicks. The LEDs under each key are under a clear base, allowing you to really appreciate the colours of an RGB keyboard.”

You can get one for $389.39.

Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel & PRO Racing Pedals

For those that need a solid simulation setup for racing, the Logitech G PRO Wheel and PRO Racing pedals is the way to go, as the set isn’t far off from ideal. CGMagazine’s review of the set says “The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals are an incredible pairing for the avid sim racer. The amount of feedback, customizability, and feel are simply incredible. The only major issue that I can see—and it isn’t really an issue when you consider the quality of the product here—is the price.”

You can get yourself a set directly from Logitech for $1,349.99.

Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSD External Solid State Drive

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 647725

The latest title in the God of War series, God of War Ragnarök, has not only unleashed a special edition DualSense controller in honour of Kratos’ latest journey, but an expansion drive for the PS5 itself. This drive is manufactured by renowned drive company Seagate, and provides a Nordic skin for a spacious component. CGM recommends this to anyone in need of PS5 space for the Holiday.

Fans can snag one for $149.98 from Amazon.

SteelSeries Apex 9 Mini Optical Gaming Keyboard

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 692807

As far as ALMOST stocking stuffer devices go, CGM recommends the SteelSeries Apex 9 Mini keyboard for PC gamers hands down. The optical switches provide a noticeable upgrade in response time, and the 60% sizing of the keyboard gives more real estate for a travelling mouse.

PC gamers can grab this one at a steal from Amazon at $99.99.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card SSD for Xbox Series X|S

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 223756

Introducing an expanded space option for the Xbox Series of consoles in SSD format, so it can be utilized on Series branded games, of course, also from Seagate. One of the more irritating console experiences is deleting games to make room for others, and CGM recommends you give the gift of not having to. This bad boy just plugs into the slot in the back, and the user can forget about it. It can also double as a stocking gift item.

Grab more space from Amazon in many sizing options.

SanDisk microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch, Fortnite Edition

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 327016

Rounding out the big three of consoles with a storage option for the Nintendo Switch, is Sandisk with a Fortnite-flavoured SD card for more space, without the pesky delete-then-download method. CGM Recommends good deals, and to snag a 128 GB SD card at $19.99 is not a bad time to upgrade storage. With a 256 GB option also in Fortnite paint for $34.99, gamers can do much worse.

Grab one at Western Digital today before they’re gone!

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller For PS4, PS5 & PC

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 400509

Coming in hot as a third-party PlayStation controller that works for the previous generation as well as the newer, is the Doom-less BFG from PDP Victrix. CGM recommends all versatility, and due to the dual usability of the BFG for PlayStation and PC, this one fits that mould. This controller can function wired or wirelessly, and has interchangeable buttons for the fighting game aficionado.

Gamers can snag a pre-order on one of these directly from PDP at $179.99.

Nanoleaf Black – Limited Edition Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Kit

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 395021

Every gamer needs an attractive station for gaming needs, but doesn’t necessarily want to snag it for themselves, this is why CGM recommends the Nanoleaf Black Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Kit. Not only can the lighting be adjusted to the user’s preference, the design can be made totally unique, with simplicity. The ‘Ultra Black’ has been requested from Nanoleaf, and they have finally listened and gave the gift of the darkest black for the brightest Holiday season.

Grab a setup for someone else, or yourself from Nanoleaf at $279.99.

Brook Wingman XB 2 Controller Converter

Cgm Recommends Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022 570051

Have you ever wanted to use a different controller, for ANY of your Xbox’s or PC that isn’t compatible? Well with the Brook Wingman XB 2 you can, with over 125 supportable controllers. Gamers can utilize a Sony Dualsense on their Xbox range of consoles without much setup. With button remapping capabilities and the ‘definitely not cheating’ turbo 5 ability, this adapter can wingman any gaming session.

Grab one from Amazon for $65.

PS5 Dualsense Controllers

Sony has a myriad of colour options for the Dualsense PS5 controller, and CGM Recommends these as nifty options for the PS5 fan, that may want a new colourway without having to purchase one themselves. Options such as Starlight blue, Cosmic red, and even a limited run God of War Ragnarok themed pad are available now, with the God of War flavour being incredibly hard to find.

Take control of your PS5 starting at $89 on Amazon.

That just about does it for the CGM Recommends holiday gifts for gamers 2022 list. We at CGMagazine find that the best gifts are the ones that consumers really want, but don’t want to buy themselves and this list totally fits the bill, with some items even fitting inside stockings.

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