Funko Games Announces Big Board Games Slated For 2022

Game Night Confirmed For 2022

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

As the Funko Fair 2022 continues full speed ahead, Funko Games has some exciting announcements to share with fans, including Disney board games and party games inspired by hit TV comedies.

Funko Games is “a world where board games reign supreme, play matters and fans are the highest authority,” in their focus on how design and creativity are kings to their mantra. The company that got super popular due to their Funko POP Vinyl collectible line, has unveiled new products that should get the entire family excited about game night.

The announcements made were of a Disney-filled helping, from many of their main brands including Star Wars, Marvel, and even one of their classic characters in Goofy. Here is what’s coming soon for a family game night from Funko Games:

Disney Happiest Day Game – Magic Kingdom Park Edition

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

The first of their selection of board games, Happiest Day Game features favourite Disney characters and magic for the whole family. It will be available in Spring 2022 for $24.99. The game features:

  • Detailed figures of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are dressed for the occasion.
  • Detail oriented illustrations on the double-sided game board immerses fans in the beauty of Magic Kingdom park.
  • A 3D Cinderella Castle that Peter Pan‘s Tinker Bell signals the transformation of the park from day to night.
  • 2-6 Player gameplay with dozens of attractions and questions that spark player’s memories and bring joy to the whole family!

Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game takes place in the mining town of Tumbleweed — or a game board of a mining town — which allows the players to find fortune among the dangers the mountain imposes. There is a fast-paced, easy-to pickup style of deck-building gameplay, with a healthy dose of luck and strategy. Retailing at $29.99 this 2-4 player adventure is available for pick up in Spring of 2022.

Disney A Goofy Movie Game

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

Based on the A Goofy Movie film, which is displayed in the same 90s visual design to bring fans of the animated feature back into the Goofy universe. The star Powerline is back on tour, and it’s up to the player to be the first to fill their scrapbook and get the best seats for the show. This 2-4 player race to the finish will start at $23.99 this Spring.

Disney Return of the Headless Horseman Game

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

The Return of the Headless Horseman Game from Funko Games brings the town of Sleepy Hollow back, and along with it, Ichabod Crane’s cowardly antics. A family of 2-4 players can partake in helping Crane reach the covered bridge before the Horseman. With features like:

  • The ghost story from Disney’s animated classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow returns.
  • Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman receive detailed figures with dynamic poses.
  • Cooperative family play to help Ichabod reach the covered bridge.
  • Adjustable gameplay difficulty to fit the family.

Disney’s Return of the Headless Horseman Game starts at $19.99, and will be made available in Spring 2022.

Disney Princess Pattern Party Game

Funko Games Announces Big Disney-Inspired Board Games Slated For 2022

Funko Games added a Disney Princess-based board game to the mix with the Princess Pattern Party Game. With an age range of 3-years-old and up, the whole family can play including even the youngest members. With five favourite Disney Princesses, the younger age title promotes shape, colour, and pattern recognition. Spinning ‘SWAP!’ can create a load of hijinx however as each player will have to swap their spinner with another player. Whoever matches their card first wins. The Princess Pattern Party Game arrives in Spring 2022 at $14.99.

Something Wild! Spider-Man and Boba Fett Editions

These two friendly, light card games are an easy way to get everyone to sit down at the family table for a casual set-making game featuring fan-favourite Disney characters. Of course, Funko Games adds a Spider-Man Funko POP for the titular character, while the Boba Fett comes with a bite-sized POP of the storied bounty hunter for their respective versions. Each arrives at $8.99 and will make their landing later this year.

To obtain more information about each of these family-friendly Funko Games offerings, fans can hit up their website. Funko Games wasn’t finished with their exciting announcements yet however.

Funko Games also announced two-party games based on the hit workplace comedies Ted Lasso and Parks and Recreation. These game night-centered offerings allow players to walk a mile in their favourite characters’ shoes recreating stories from the hit shows.

Ted Lasso Party Game

Funko Games Announces Big Board Games Slated For 2022

Ted Lasso took the world by storm in 2021, earning Jason Sudeikis a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the titular character. Now, fans can take the comedy to game night with these features:

  • Beloved Ted Lasso characters, events, and memorable quotes from the award–winning show.
  • Cooperative gameplay has players racing to help their friends and support their teammates, taking cues from the man himself.
  • Roll the football die in the AFC Richmond stadium designed game box.
  • A pink biscuit box to draw tiles from.
  • A free timer app add-on available to download and enhance the experience with sound effects.

The Ted Lasso Party Game will have fans believing in the Summer of 2022, for $19.99.

Parks and Recreation Party Game

Funko Games Announces Big Board Games Slated For 2022

Like the hit Parks and Recreation Series, the game is based on projects fans have seen the cast create in the show. Players will have to work together to make the projects come to life, but those who can claim most of the credit can get more of a reward, so being the kid that just writes his name on the group assignment won’t work if players want to win. When the lil’ Sebastian figure is done eating (the game’s timer) the player “with the sweetest waffles” wins. Players can choose to play as Leslie, April, Donna, Ron, Tom, or Andy, and features funny quotes from the show. Fans can make Pawnee better in Spring 2022, for $19.99.

With all of the exciting announcements from Funko Games, families that are fans of all genres can partake in game night with their favourite characters and series. Fans of the newly announced Funko Games can see all of their announcements over on their Official Twitter account.

As Funko Fair 2022 continues forward, there will undoubtedly be more announcements for fans of the popular company’s collectibles, so following the action on the Official Funko Twitter can keep fans in the loop.

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